Radio Frequency Treatment for Acne Scars in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Cost

Acne scars can have a significant impact on a person’s self-esteem and confidence. While there are other therapeutic alternatives, radio-frequency treatment has emerged as a potential option for reducing the appearance of acne scars. This non-invasive process stimulates collagen formation and remodels the skin, resulting in smoother and revitalised skin texture. If you want to know more about the Radio Frequency Treatment for Acne Scars in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah then keep reading.

What are Acne Scars?

Acne scars are created by inflammation induced by severe acne breakouts. The healing process after acne can frequently result in the production of scars, which can be classified as atrophic or hypertrophic. Atrophic scars, such as ice pick, boxcar, or rolling scars, are more common and present a considerable treatment challenge. These scars form as a result of collagen loss during the healing process, which results in depressions or uneven texture on the skin’s surface. These acne scars affect the health of the person but no need to worry now because there are a variety of options for the removal of acne scars.

Mechanism of Radio Frequency Treatment:

Radiofrequency treatment targets the deep layers of the skin without causing damage to the superficial layers. The RF device’s regulated heat penetrates the dermis layer, promoting collagen formation and initiating a healing response. The newly generated collagen fills in the depressions left by acne scars, resulting in smoother, more equal skin texture. This is a non-invasive treatment so there are fewer chances of any type of side effects.

Benefits of Radio Frequency Treatment for Acne Scars: 

The Benefits of Radio Frequency Treatment for Acne Scars:

  • An appealing alternative for people looking for scar removal without the risks associated with invasive therapies.
  • Radiofrequency heat radiation stimulates collagen formation, which improves its overall texture.
  • The treatment is tailored to each patient’s individual needs, such as scar kind, depth, and severity.
  • Unlike more harsh treatments, radio frequency therapy offers a short recovery period.
  • Because the collagen remodelling process continues even after the treatment sessions, radio frequency therapy produces long-term effects.

Ideal Candidate for the Radio Frequency Treatment:

When you visit the skin expert during the initial consultation he will examine your skin and will tell if your acne scars can be treated with the help of this amazing treatment. Generally

the ideal candidate for Acne Scar Radiofrequency Treatment for Acne Scars in Dubai & Abu Dhabi often matches the following criteria:

  • It is best suited for people who have atrophic acne scars, such as ice pick, boxcar, or rolling scars. 
  • Candidates should be in good general health and free of any medical disorders or drugs that could impede the healing process. 
  • Before contemplating RF therapy, candidates must have their acne under control. 
  • Candidates should have reasonable expectations of how radio frequency treatment will work. 
  • For best outcomes, candidates should be prepared to commit to the specified treatment plan and follow the dermatologist’s advice.


The skin expert starts the procedure by cleaning the skin to get rid of any makeup or pollutants on the face. After that, he applied a numbing cream to avoid any pain during the procedure. Some dermatologists also apply a cooling gel to protect the skin layer and for the proper transmission of RF energy. Then the handheld device is directed towards the skin surface and will move the device gently on the skin surface. The RF energy is delivered to the deeper layers of the skin, targeting the acne scars. During the procedure, you may experience sensations of warmth or a mild tingling feeling as the RF energy penetrates the skin.

The treatment is typically divided into small zones within the targeted area. The RF device is systematically moved across each zone to ensure even coverage and consistent delivery of energy. The controlled heat generated by the RF energy stimulates the production of collagen in the deeper layers of the skin. Collagen is a protein responsible for skin elasticity and firmness. By promoting collagen production, the RF treatment helps to fill in the depressions caused by acne scars, leading to smoother skin texture over time.

Recovery and AfterCare:

The recovery time period after the treatment is very minimal, if you want to recover on time and want the best results then make sure to follow the following instructions:

  • It is usual and transient to suffer slight redness, swelling, or warmth in the treated area. These effects usually go off within a few hours to a few days.
  • To reduce the risk of infection and irritation, avoid touching or rubbing the treated area.
  • To increase skin moisture and comfort, apply a soothing moisturiser or healing ointment.
  • For at least two weeks after the operation, keep the treated region out of direct sunlight and ultraviolet (UV) radiation.
  • For several days after the treatment, avoid using hard or abrasive skincare products, especially exfoliants. These have the potential to irritate the skin and delay healing.
  • For a few days after treatment, avoid hot showers, saunas, and activities that induce excessive perspiration.

Final Thoughts!

If you are one of the people who is bothered by your acne scars then getting the Radio Frequency Treatment for Acne Scars in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah will be best for you. At Esthetic Clinic we have the best doctors and skin experts who will perform the best treatment to give you the best results.