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Are you exhausted from trying every regime and exercise plan under the sun, only to be left feeling defeated and hopeless? Have you struggled with obesity for years, feeling like there’s no way out? If so, you’re not the only one feeling that way. Millions of people worldwide face the same challenges, but there is hope. Bariatric Surgery in Dubai & Abu Dhabi is a life-changing solution that has helped countless individuals achieve a long-term loss of extra fats and improved healthiness. In the page below, we’ll explore the treatment, providing you with the information and resources you need to make an informed decision about whether this procedure is right for you. So, buckle up and get ready to discover the transformative power of the treatment!

Main Essence of Operation:

The major objective of the surgery is to produce considerable and sustained weight loss in those who are dealing with obesity. The procedure seeks to assist patients in bettering their general health, lowering their risk of diseases linked to excess weight, and improving their quality of life.

Results of Bariatric Surgery Dubai:

It is a successful treatment for individuals who struggle with obesity. This surgery results in considerable loss of weight and an improvement in general health. The length of these effects, however, varies according to how committed a person is to leading a healthy lifestyle. Although the advantages can last a lifetime with ongoing effort, the final results may not be seen for up to a year or more.

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Benefits and Disadvantages:

On the plus side, the operation can provide people the chance to lose a lot of weight, which can improve general health and lower the risk of ailments linked to excess weight. Together with a possible improvement in their mental health and well-being, individuals may also notice an increase in their energy, movement, and self-confidence. It’s crucial to take into account any potential drawbacks as well. It’s a significant surgery with dangers including infection, haemorrhage, and anesthesia-related issues. To succeed over the long term, patients must also make major lifestyle changes, such as adjustments to their consumption and exercise routines. Furthermore, shortages in vitamins and nutrients may result from the procedure and call for lifelong treatment.

Suitable Contenders:

  • Have a BMI of 40 or higher, or a BMI of 35 or higher with a minimum one weight-related health condition
  • Someone who has tried and failed with several weight loss methods
  • Are committed to making substantial lifestyle changes, including dietary and exercise regimens.
  • Have undergone a medical examination and been given the all-clear to have the surgery.
  • Are mentally prepared for Bariatric Surgery in Dubai & Abu Dhabi and are knowledgeable about its pros and cons

Preparatory Guidelines:

The first treatment consultation is a crucial step in the process of losing weight and improving health over the long term. The doctor will spend time getting to know the patient, learning about their medical background, and comprehending their objectives during this consultation. They will also go through the many surgical choices available and assist the patient in choosing the technique that would work best for their particular needs. The patient will also be given comprehensive preoperative instructions to assist them to prepare for the treatment in addition to talking about the surgery itself.

This may involve making fluctuations to their food intake and exercise routine, undergoing preoperative testing, and receiving counseling and support to make sure that patients are mentally prepared for the treatment. The individuals are also advised to stop smoking, abstain from taking certain medications, and take steps to improve their overall health before the treatment to reduce the risk of complications and increase the probability that the procedure will be successful.

What to Expect from the Treatment?

Gastric Bypass Therapy: With this technique, a tiny tummy pouch is formed and a part of the small intestine is directed towards the pouch. This lowers calorie absorption and restricts the quantity of food the individual may ingest.

Sleeve Gastrectomy: In order to produce a smaller tummy pack, a section of the stomach is eliminated during this treatment. This restricts the patient’s food intake and lessens the generation of hunger-inducing hormones.

Gastric Banding: A silicone banding is placed around the top portion of the stomach and tightened during this treatment to form a tiny tummy pocket. The patient’s food intake can be restricted over time by adjusting the band.

Duodenal Switch: A big piece of the abdomen is eliminated during a biliopancreatic diversion with duodenal switch treatment, which reroutes the small intestine to restrict the quantity of food a patient may eat and lower calorie absorption.

Gastric Balloon: This is a non-operational treatment that places a balloon into the tummy and fills it with saline. Since the balloon occupies more room in the tummy, the person feels fuller more quickly.

What Type of Surgery is the best?

There are numerous bariatric surgery options, each with certain advantages and risk factors. The best surgical procedure for a given patient will mostly depend on their unique medical background, present health, and weight loss objectives. In order to choose the best course of action for their particular circumstances, people should consult closely with their healthcare professionals. The choice of which type of surgery to have should be decided after careful evaluation of various individual circumstances because, in the end, all types of bariatric surgery have a strong potential for boosting weight loss and improving general health. It’s crucial to remember that a trained surgeon decides which type of surgery is best for a patient after thoroughly evaluating the patient’s medical history, physical exam, and other pertinent criteria.

Aftercare Instructions:

The individuals will be given thorough aftercare instructions to aid them through the healing process and maintain long-term success following the procedure. These guidelines are intended to assist the individual as they adjust to their new way of life and make the required adjustments to keep their weight reduced. Recommendations for nutrition and exercise, as well as advice on how to deal with any irritation or adverse reactions, may be included in the aftercare instructions.

Cost of Bariatric Surgery Dubai:

The average price of Bariatric Surgery in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah may range from AED 14,999 to AED 23,999. The cost is affected by various variables like the current condition of the person, their expected outcomes, type of procedure chosen and the experience of the surgeon. After considering all these variables an estimate is provided to the patient during the initial consultation.

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