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Even mild burns can leave scars, and people who have had their bodies extensively burned frequently have to deal with disfiguring scarring. Reconstructive surgery can improve the appearance of the affected area and lessen scarring. If you are one of the victims of burn scars and want to get rid of them then visit our clinic. Our surgeon performs Burn Reconstructive Surgery in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah in such an efficient manner that you will regain your lost confidence and appearance. 

What is Burn Reconstructive Surgery?

This is a surgical procedure for burn victims who are suffering from mild to extreme scarring left after the burning of the skin. As burning can affect the aesthetic appearance of the person and can also affect the functionality or mobility of the person, so by the help of Burn reconstructive surgery the surgeon will help you regain your look. In this treatment procedure, the surgeon may perform a scar removal treatment or may remove the skin from the anatomical region and place it on the affected area due to skin burn. This reconstructive surgery can also be used to treat deformities caused by cancer, accident, or any type of trauma.

Right Candidate for the Surgery:

Before undergoing the burn reconstructive surgery the surgeon will examine your affected area and will ask about your past and undergoing health condition to analyse that you’re the right candidate for the surgery. You can also get an idea that you are the ideal candidate for the surgery by reading the following points:

  • You wish to restore your appearance, which the burn has altered.
  • There is no prior history of bleeding issues in you.
  • Your expectations for the process are favourable.
  • You are older than 20 and wish to regain your confidence


The results are not instant and you have to wait for a few weeks and months to see the results. As the skin will take some time to heal, and after a few weeks of burn reconstructive surgery your scars will start to fade away and if your mobility is affected then it will start to improve over time. But once you have achieved the results then it will be permanent.

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How to Prepare for the Treatment?

Before the surgery, the doctor will give you medications if you have any type of skin allergy and will give you the instructions which you have to follow for a smooth procedure and optimal results. The instructions include:

  • Quit smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages as it will lead to slow healing
  • Do not take any medications without the supervision of the surgeon
  • Keep the affected area away from direct sunlight and use a high SPF sunblock
  • Take vitamins or supplements if suggested by the doctor

Stages of Burn Reconstructive Surgery:

There are mainly three stages of burn reconstructive surgery depending on the time of treatment you are having:

  • Immediate Reconstructive Surgery:

Immediate Reconstructive surgery is also known as a spot treatment, when you have got your skin burned and you immediately went to the doctor then he will treat your burn immediately. 

  • Early Reconstructive Surgery:

When at least 6 months have passed after any burn incident and it has left a scar that is lowering your confidence then at this stage many people want a treatment that will remove the unwanted scars. So at this stage, early reconstructive surgery is performed.

  • Late Reconstructive Surgery:

If more than a year has passed and you have a burn scar that has become prominent then late reconstructive surgery is performed. At this stage, there are more chances of successful results as the scars have started to heal themselves. 

Recovery and Post-Operative Care:

After getting the surgery you may feel little pain and redness in the treatment area which will settle down in a few weeks. The recovery time is very short and during this healing time, you have to follow the post-operative instructions for the best outcomes. The post-operative instructions include:

  • Avoid blood thinning medication or aspirin after the procedure
  • Quit smoking as it will prolong the recovery time
  • Take the prescribed medications on time 
  • Do not touch the treatment area for a few days
  • Use clean hands in the treatment area to avoid infection
  • Go for the follow-up appointments on time

Burn Reconstructive Surgery Cost:

The exact cost of the burn reconstructive surgery can be decided after an initial consultation as it will depend on the size of the affected area and the stage of burn reconstructive surgery. Usually, the cost of Burn Reconstructive Surgery in Dubai & Abu Dhabi ranges between 3000 AED to 30,000 AED. 

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