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The tale of hemorrhoids, a long-standing disease, is woven through the years in the massive fabric of medical history. Imagine traveling through time in a time machine to learn the extraordinary treatments our predecessors used to subdue this unpleasant adversary. Welcome to the world of medical innovation and age-old healing wisdom, which offers a ground-breaking cure as the Hemorrhoids Treatment in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah. Join us as we explore the world of laser coagulation therapy and embark on a journey of hope and relief. You can now finally regain your life, comfort, and freedom from the confines of this concealed pain. In this amazing process, a soft laser energy stream transforms into a lighthouse, decreasing the blood clots and relieving people of their agony. Embrace both innovation and compassion, as we take on enlightening research, the revolutionary solution that may ultimately put an end to the silent suffering.

Main Essence:

The main goal of the treatment is to effectively relieve symptoms by reducing the clots and their size. This minimally invasive surgery seals off and shrinks the blood vessels that surround the blood clots The ultimate objective is to improve the quality of life for those who suffer from the condition by restoring comfort, removing discomfort, and reducing pain.


People frequently notice a reduction in symptoms and an improvement in comfort following laser coagulation therapy. Depending on the person and the degree of their condition, there may be variations in the period for apparent effects. Patients may often expect to see benefits from the operation within a few days to a few weeks, with full and enduring results being visible after several weeks.


The skin expert thoroughly examines the patient’s medical history and the severity of their condition at the initial visit as part of a thorough evaluation. They participate in candid and enlightening conversations in which they describe the treatment process, its possible advantages, and any related hazards. The specialist ensures that the patient has a complete grasp of the procedure by taking the time to answer any questions or address any worries the patient might have. The specialist may advise patients to refrain from taking blood-thinning medications, practice good oral hygiene, drink plenty of water to stay hydrated, consume a diet high in fiber to prevent constipation, and not apply any topical creams or ointments to the clots before treatment.

Procedure at Esthetic Clinic:

The individual is first asked to change into surgical clothes and remove any jewelry or accessories. A local anesthetic is administered to the patient to numb the region before the laser coagulation therapy starts. This lessens pain when receiving therapy.

Once the anesthesia kicks in, the patient is positioned on an exam table so that the Hemorrhoids Treatment in Dubai & Abu Dhabi may be completed successfully. They can lie on their side, back, or in any other posture, the medical professional advises.

The rectum is gently probed using a proctoscope, a narrow tube with a light and lens. This makes it possible for the medical professional to view the clots clearly and treat them.

A laser device is inserted through the proctoscope by the medical professional. Blood clots receive carefully timed energy pulses from the laser. The clottings’ surrounding blood vessels are the target of the energy, which causes them to close and contract. By cutting off the blood supply, this procedure shrinks them and alleviates discomfort.

The technique may be performed to treat each blood clot separately if the patient has more than one. The medical professional makes sure that the patient is given complete treatment.

The laser device is carefully taken out once laser coagulation has been used to cure all of the targeted hemorrhoids Gently removing the proctoscope from the rectum. The medical professionals could put on some cream and give after-treatment instructions.

Recuperation and Aftercare:

Patients gradually feel better and return to comfort when the healing process starts following the therapy. Some slight pressure or soreness in the treated region during the first few days is possible, but these symptoms usually go away with time. Anal hygiene with mild soap and water, avoiding straining during bowel movements, including fiber-rich foods in the diet, staying hydrated by drinking enough fluids, and avoiding strenuous activities that could strain the treated area are just a few of the post-operative care instructions given by the skin specialist to aid recovery.

What Are Other Therapy Options Offered at Esthetic Clinic?


The procedure involves injecting a particular solution directly into the clots, which starts a process that causes them to gradually shrink and vanish. The remedy causes the hemorrhoidal tissue to become inflamed and scarred, cutting off its blood supply and hastening its natural demise.


The procedure is a typical kind of therapy in which hemorrhoid cells are surgically removed. The surgeon gently removes the clots and may make any necessary vascular or tissue repairs during this treatment. For severe instances, hemorrhoidectomy offers long-lasting relief, albeit the recovery time may be longer than with other therapies.

Cryosurgical Therapy:

Cryosurgical therapy employs the freezing and removal of hemorrhoidal tissue by the power of intense cold. Blood clots that are frozen cause the cells to disintegrate and finally be absorbed by the body. This minimally invasive procedure shrinks the clots and relieves the symptoms that go along with them.


Numerous factors affect the price of laser coagulation therapy for Hemorrhoids Treatment in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah. These variables include the facility’s location, the doctor’s qualifications and track record, the severity of the blood clots, and any extra operations or treatments required. People should speak with their healthcare practitioner or get in touch with the clinic or hospital directly to get accurate and individualized pricing information. On average, however, it may range from AED ___ to AED ___.

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