Septoplasty & Turbinate Reduction in Dubai & Sharjah Price & Cost

Do you have trouble breathing through your nose because of a deviated septum or swollen turbinates? If this is the case, septoplasty and turbinate reduction surgery may be beneficial. At our Dubai clinic, we provide advanced surgical techniques to improve your nasal breathing and quality as a whole life. The Septoplasty Turbinate in Dubai & Abu Dhabi is performed by our expert staff and under anaesthesia so do not be afraid if you want to get the treatment.

What are Septoplasty and Turbinate Reduction Surgery?

Septoplasty is a surgical technique that straightens a crooked or deviated septum, which is the cartilage and bone wall that divides the two nostrils. Breathing through one or both nostrils might be difficult when the septum is deviated. Septoplasty is cutting a hole in the septum and reshaping it to promote ventilation.

Another procedure that can be used to improve nasal airflow is turbinate reduction surgery. The turbinates are little bone structures inside the nose that aid in warming and humidifying the air we breathe. However, when they swell due to allergies, infections, or other conditions, they can obstruct the nasal passages and make breathing difficult. 


If you are facing breathing issues then after getting the amazing turbinate reduction surgery this procedure has following amazing benefits:

  • It will improve the quality of breathing from your nose
  • The nasal airflow will improve and there will be a reduction in the intensity of snoring
  • You can sleep more soundly as it will treat the breathing issues
  • It will improve the sense of smell as it will treat the nasal congestion
  • You will feel less body fatigue and you can do more physical activity

Ideal Candidate for the Septoplasty:

This treatment procedure is best for you if you are having breathing issues, but before starting the procedure the surgeon will examine your nose area and will decide if the procedure is beneficial for you or not. You are the ideal candidate for the Septoplasty Turbinate in Dubai & Abu Dhabi if:

  • You are suffering from deviated septum which is making you difficulty in breathing
  • You are having trouble in sleeping and are facing excessive snoring
  • You are physically and mentally healthy
  • You do not have a habit of smoking and drinking
  • You are looking for positive results from the procedure
  • Your nose bleeds often and has sinus issue
  • Your breathe from the nose during the night

Pre Operative Instructions:

Before the surgical procedure, the surgeon will give you instructions for the best-desired results. Following are some basic instructions that can help you go through the procedure smoothly:

  • You have to stop smoking as it will delay the healing process
  • Avoid eating before the surgical procedure
  • If you are having a nose allergy then first get the treatment
  • Bring someone with you to drive you home after the surgery
  • Blood thinners should not be used because they will cause excessive bleeding


The surgeon will make an incision in the nose’s mucosal lining and remove or correct the deviated part of the septum to improve airflow. The wounds will then be treated with absorbable stitches by the surgeon. To help avoid bleeding, packing is occasionally placed in both nostrils, and silicone splints are placed in each nostril to help stabilise the septum. This procedure is normally conducted under general anaesthetic and can last up to two hours. 

Various techniques, such as laser, radiofrequency, or surgical excision, will be used by the surgeon during the procedure to reduce the size of the turbinates. The turbinate reduction surgery procedure must be performed by an expert surgeon to give you the results without any complications.

Results and Recovery:

It is seen that patients feel drowsy for a few hours or may have nausea due to the effect of anaesthesia. Mild pain can also be experienced by the patients and to manage the pain you can use the prescribed painkillers. You will need one or two weeks to recover properly after the surgery. But once you have got the results they will last for a lifetime. But make sure to follow the surgeon’s instructions for optimal outcomes. The instructions to follow after the Septoplasty Turbinate in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah include:

  • Avoid blowing your nose for a few days
  • Avoid tobacco and drinking alcohol
  • Do not go in the crowded area to avoid unnecessary touch to the nose area
  • Do not play sports and any hard exercise

Septoplasty and Turbinate Reduction in Dubai Best Septoplasty and Turbinate Reduction in Dubai Septoplasty and Turbinate Reduction Clinic in Abu Dhabi

Septoplasty and Turbinate Reduction Clinic in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Best Septoplasty and Turbinate Reduction Clinic in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Best Septoplasty and Turbinate Reduction Clinic in Dubai

Why Choose Us?

We have a team of seasoned and highly qualified doctors at our clinic that specialises in septoplasty and turbinate reduction surgery. To provide the best possible outcomes for our patients, we employ cutting-edge surgical procedures and technology.

In addition to our surgical competence, we also give personalised care and support throughout the treatment process. We are committed to assisting you in achieving the best possible results, from your initial consultation to your follow-up consultations.