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Are you interested in learning the mysteries of human sexuality? Do you wish to delve into the depths of passion and desire? The field of sexology is the only place to look. Sexologists are brave explorers of the erotic world, delving deeply into the complexity of human sexuality with a blend of rigorous science and understanding. Best Sexologist Doctor in Dubai & Abu Dhabi are passionate about comprehending and embracing all elements of sexuality, from the physical components of arousal and orgasm to the psychological and emotional implications of desire and intimacy. Join us as we investigate the intriguing field of sexology and reveal the mysteries of the individual sexual experience as we go on a voyage of discovery and enlightenment.

Who are Sexologists?

They are the intrepid pioneers of the sexual universe who probe deeply into the complexities of human sensuality with scientific inquiry and compassionate empathy. They use a variety of biology, psychology, culture, and society to explore the secrets of human sexuality, assisting people and communities in navigating the opportunities and challenges of sexual expression. They are devoted to the study of sex and, like erotic detectives, help people embrace and understand their sexuality in positive and fulfilling ways. They are the courageous explorers of the erotic terrain, creating a trail of discovery and enlightenment for those who desire to comprehend the complexities of human sexuality, and they are the protectors of our sexual health and welfare.

Main Essence of the Treatments:

By managing the physical, emotional, and psychological problems associated with sexuality and sexual functioning, sexologists aim to encourage sexual health and well-being for both individuals and couples. The professionals employ a combination of counseling, education, and other strategies to pinpoint and treat the underlying reasons for their client’s sexual issues. They offer a secure, judgment-free environment for clients to express their sexual concerns and wants. The primary objective of sexological therapy is to assist patients in achieving higher sexual health and satisfaction, which will enhance their quality of life and overall welfare.


Enhanced sexual performance, more sexual satisfaction, decreased sexual anxiety, improved closeness and communication in couples, and a greater awareness and acceptance of one’s sexuality can all result from sexological therapy. Ultimately, the therapy is a liberating and transformational experience that supports both the individual and the couple’s sexual health and well-being.

Benefits of Consulting:

  • Improved arousal and pleasure can result from the treatment’s ability to assist patients in better grasping their own bodies and sexual impulses as well as those of their partners.
  • Patients can experience more connection and intimacy in their relationships by understanding how to articulate their sexual wants and needs more effectively.
  • Treatment by Sexologists in Dubai & Abu Dhabi results in improved self-confidence and self-esteem can result from the treatment’s ability to assist patients in overcoming their sexual identity-related shame and stigma.
  • A stronger sense of sexual freedom and agency can result from treatment by allowing people to explore and enjoy their sexuality.
  • Sexological therapy can enhance a person’s feeling of overall happiness and well-being by boosting sexual health and satisfaction.

Suitable Contenders:

Everyone who is having issues with their sexual health and wellness may benefit from sexological treatment. Individuals and couples who are coping with problems like these may be included in this.

  • Premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction
  • low sexual drive or libido
  • discomfort or pain while having sex
  • Having trouble getting orgasmic
  • sexual fears or anxiety
  • the trauma brought on by sexual assault or abuse
  • Issues in relationships that affect sexual intimacy
  • issues relating to sexual orientation or gender identity

What Are the Treatments Offered?

Psychiatry and Counseling:

They frequently use counselling and psychotherapy to assist people and couples in resolving emotional, psychological, or marital problems that might be affecting their sexual health and welfare. These sessions may consist of talk therapy, CBT, or other psychotherapies that concentrate on the needs and objectives of the person.


To treat underlying medical disorders that might be impairing sexual performance, they may prescribe medication. These may include drugs for poor libido, early ejaculation, or erectile dysfunction. The particular drug prescribed will depend on the patient’s symptoms and medical background.

Education in Sex:

Sex education is a crucial component of therapy because it enables patients to better understand both their bodies and their partners’ sexual reactions. This could involve instruction on sexual anatomy, sexual physiology, and sexual arousal techniques.

Couples Counseling:

They may also offer couples counseling to assist individuals in resolving problems that might be affecting their sexual well-being and health. Addressing challenges with communicating, trust, and intimacy may be part of this.

Strategies to Enhance Sexual Performance:

They may use a range of strategies, such as mindfulness, relaxation, and communication skills, to enhance sex drive and pleasure. To assist people and couples in achieving higher sexual health and enjoyment, these strategies are frequently employed in conjunction with counseling, psychotherapy, or sex education.

Cost of Sexologist Doctors:

The cost of therapies offered by Sexologists in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah varies based on the requested services, the location, and the experience of the practitioner, among other things. While certain insurance plans may cover sexological treatment, it’s usual for clients to pay out of pocket. Depending on your income or financial need, certain practitioners may provide sliding scale fees or reduced rates. On average the treatment sessions may range from AED 9,999 to AED 18,999.

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