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The ageing process not only gives us wrinkles and fine lines, but our skin quality is also affected by it. With each passing year, our skin becomes more dehydrated and there is overall less collagen production which is responsible for giving our skin the best appearance. Along with the ageing process, sun rays, dirt, and pollution also affects, our skin and makes it worse. But with the help of Sunekons Injections in Dubai & Abu Dhabi, you can now get rejuvenated skin, and these injections will also help to improve skin quality over time.

What Are the Suenkos Injections?

Sunekos injections are a type of non-surgical treatment for skin rejuvenation and tissue regeneration. Sunekos is a brand name for a solution that contains a mix of amino acids and hyaluronic acid. These injections are designed to improve the appearance of the skin, particularly in areas where it has thinned, sagged, or wrinkled as a result of ageing or other factors. Sunekos injections can be used to treat a variety of conditions in the face, neck, hands, and knees. Sunekos injections contain amino acids that are intended to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin in the skin, which are essential proteins that keep the skin firm and elastic. Sunekos’ hyaluronic acid hydrates and plumps the skin, improving texture and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Benefits of Sunekos Injections:

Sunako’s injections are the most emerging cosmetic treatment due to the benefits it serves. Following are the its amazing benefits of it:

  • It will help to tone your saggy skin
  • It also treats the signs of ageing
  • It will treat the dark circles
  • It will reduce the damage caused by sun exposure
  • It will minimise the appearance of deep wrinkles
  • It will help to hydrate your skin deeply
  • It will add volume to the face
  • It will rejuvenate your hands
  • You will look younger than before
  • The recovery time is less as compared to other procedures

Expected Results:

Depending on your skin condition and age the results will last for several months. As the results are natural so no one can tell if you have undergone any cosmetic procedure. The results will appear after 3 to 4 sessions of the treatment and will remain for 6 months and after that, you have to take the maintenance sessions to see the visible results. For the best outcomes make sure to consult a dermatologist. 

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Indications that Sunekos Injections Are Best for You:

Due to its non-invasive nature, anyone can get the treatment but there are certain indications that a dermatologist tells. If you are having those then you can get the Sunekos Injections in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. These include:

  • You have creepiness in your skin
  • Your skin is lacking volume and smoothness
  • Your skin is extremely dehydrated and damaged the skin
  • You do not want to look aged at a younger age
  • You have thin skin and acne scars

How Does Procedure Work?

The procedure is non-invasive and will take 30 to 40 minutes to complete. The skin experts start the procedure by cleansing the skin, and after that, they will apply numbing cream to keep you comfortable during the procedure. After that the Sunekos solution is injected into the skin at multiple points by the skin expert using a fine-gauge needle, depending on the treatment area. The dermatologist may gently massage the treated area to evenly distribute the Sunekos solution. Additional injections may be given to ensure that the entire treatment area is covered.

Recovery and AfterCare:

Your skin may become extra sensitive after the treatment and may become inflamed. These symptoms are temporary and fade away within a few hours. The recovery time is very minimal and you will recover in a few days. But during the healing time, you will need to follow the dermatologist’s instructions for avoiding side effects. Some of the basic aftercare instructions are as well:

  • Try to avoid sun rays and wear sunscreen for face protection
  • Do not use makeup right after the treatment
  • Do not do skincare and apply retinoids for a few days
  • Avoid exercise which can cause sweating
  • To reduce redness and inflammation use ice cubes

Cost of Sunekos Injections in Dubai:

The Cost of Sunekos Injections in Dubai & Abu Dhabi is usually less than the other types of cosmetic treatment. The price starts from 999 AED and may increase depending on the skin condition. Several factors affect the cost of the injections such as the number of sessions, treatment area size, dermatologist fees, and location of the clinic.

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