Dimple Creation Surgery in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Esthetic Clinic Dubai

One could argue that the slightest details may have a tremendous influence in a society where looks matter much and the beauty search has no boundaries. Discover the fascinating phenomena of dimple formation, which goes beyond simple aesthetics to the realm of magic. Imagine a soft curve that is artfully engraved on the canvas of a grin and that enchants anybody who sees it. The beautiful indentations on the cheeks known as dimples have long maintained an unfathomable fascination, conjuring up images of sweetness, innocence, and an enticing sense of fun. It is now possible to unleash the alluring power of these charming characteristics through the art of Dimple Creation in Dubai & Abu Dhabi turning ordinary faces into magnificent works of art.

Main Goal:

The main goal of the procedure is to improve facial appearance by expertly creating charming dimples on the cheeks. Its main objective is to produce indentations that seem natural and give your grin a whimsical, endearing touch. With the help of this surgery, you may get the facial feature of your dreams while gaining more self-assurance and radiating a particular attractiveness that makes a lasting impact.

Results of Dimple Creation UAE:

Dimple creation therapy produces long-lasting outcomes, giving people charming dimples that improve their facial attractiveness. The ultimate result is seen after a few weeks when the freshly manufactured dimples gradually take on a more natural aspect. These alluring improvements provide an everlasting improvement to one’s grin and general face appeal.


  • Add the classic appeal of naturally occurring dimples to your smile.
  • Give your face a little bit of sweetness and fun.
  • Increase your self-confidence by adopting a distinctive and alluring trait.
  • Enjoy a change that lasts and makes you happy every time you smile.
  • Create a unique style for yourself by adding dimples that complement your facial characteristics.
  • Get noticed by using a modest yet alluring augmentation.


  • Those who want their faces to seem better by having endearing dimples.
  • Those who have reasonable expectations for how the therapy will go.
  • Candidates who don’t have any underlying medical issues that might put them in danger during the surgery and who are in good general health.
  • People whose muscles and cheek tissue are strong enough to support the development of dimples.
  • Those who are prepared to adhere to post-operative care guidelines after Dimple Creation in Dubai & Abu Dhabi and who have a positive outlook on the healing process.
  • Candidates who have invested the necessary time in their study and consultation with an expert to decide on the course of treatment.


The professional will thoroughly examine the patient’s facial structure at their initial appointment for dimple formation and listen to what they want to achieve, ensuring that it complements their particular anatomy. The patient will be given a full explanation of the treatment, including any possible dangers and advantages, so they may express any questions or concerns they may have. To make sure the dimples live up to the patient’s expectations, the specialist will also go over their precise positioning and size. A full medical history should be shared, transportation should be arranged for the day of the surgery, and if necessary, fasting rules should be followed. These and other preparation-related instructions may be given by the specialist.


  • To guarantee the patient doesn’t experience any discomfort throughout the treatment, local anesthesia is administered initially.
  • In consideration of the patient’s preferences and facial symmetry, the surgeon meticulously marks the precise locations on the patient’s cheeks where the dimples would be formed.
  • At the indicated locations, tiny incisions are made inside the cheeks, often through the inner lining.
  • The surgeon expertly manipulates the underlying muscles and tissues to produce dimples that seem natural, frequently securing the ideal form with stitches.
  • Dissolvable stitches are used to seal the incisions inside the mouth to provide a seamless look.


The healing phase is an important stage following the dimple formation procedure. Initial swelling and little pain are possible in patients, however, these side effects usually go away over time. The skin specialist gives detailed post-operative care recommendations to promote maximum recovery. These may consist of:

  • Keeping up good dental hygiene can aid in recovery and stave off any potential illnesses.
  • Cold compresses should be used as directed to minimize swelling and ease any pain.
  • During the early healing phase, desist from vigorous activities and limit your facial expressions.
  • To control any discomfort experienced after the treatment and speed up recovery, take the medicine as directed, if necessary.

Cost of Dimpleplasty Dubai UAE:

Therapy for Dimple Creation in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah involves a variety of charges dependent on many variables. These variables include the surgeon’s reputation and level of skill, the clinic’s proximity, the complexity of the treatment, and any other services offered. The surgeon’s fees, facility costs, anesthesia costs, and additional follow-up sessions often make up the total cost. On average it may range from AED 1300 to AED 3500.

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