Liquid Rhinoplasty in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah Nose Job Price

Get ready to be enchanted as we reveal the alluring details of Liquid Rhinoplasty in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah a magical non-surgical nose augmentation that will leave you speechless. Nowadays, trained professionals may sculpt your nose to perfection with precise injections, much like a genuine artist sculpting a masterpiece. Gone are the days of intrusive procedures and drawn-out recoveries. Awe-inspiring journeys of self-expression and reinvention are open to people from all walks of life thanks to this unique treatment. Read on to learn the connection between science and creativity on how Liquid Rhinoplasty may work its magic in your life to give you a beautiful nose that is unique to you.

Main Goal:

With a non-surgical method, the treatment aims to improve the nasal structure and balance the facial features. This cutting-edge procedure aims to correct flaws, hone nasal outlines, and provide a more balanced and attractive look by using specialized injections. It allows people the chance to attain their cosmetic objectives without the need for invasive surgery, offering a secure and practical solution for improving the aesthetics of the nose and the entire face structure.


The look of the nose is immediately and visibly improved by the treatment. The procedure offers a variety of outcomes, including increased symmetry, honed curves, and face balance. Depending on the particular filler used, these symptoms may persist for many months to a year. While the complete effects might not become apparent for a few days as any short-term swelling goes down, the transforming conclusion of this non-surgical process eventually becomes apparent, revealing a renewed and harmonized nasal aesthetic.


  • With its less invasive and scar-free technique, it is a non-surgical alternative that outperforms conventional nose surgery.
  • It may improve face symmetry, smooth out nasal flaws, and highlight your greatest natural features with well-aimed injections.
  • The benefit of the operation is that you may see your nose’s amazing improvement right away thanks to its immediate outcomes.
  • Because it has the benefit of reversibility and allows you to alter your outcomes as wanted, it helps people to embrace their freedom of choice.
  • It is a unique experience since it is catered to your own choice, guaranteeing a unified and genuine result that precisely matches your face aesthetics.

Ideal Contenders:

  • Those who want to improve their noses without having surgery might benefit from the treatment.
  • Small nasal abnormalities that can be efficiently treated with non-surgical injections are present in ideal candidates.
  • Compared to more conventional surgical methods, it appeals to those who want quick results and a short recovery time.
  • Candidates appreciate that the therapy is just temporary and that it may be adjusted or reversed as needed.
  • Each person’s specific facial traits and aesthetic preferences are taken into account while designing the treatment.
  • Significant nose abnormalities or functional difficulties must not exist, and general good health is a must for Liquid Rhinoplasty in Dubai & Abu Dhabi.

Initial Appointment and Preparation:

The skin expert will meet with the patient for the consultation to assess their nose, go through their desired outcomes, and decide whether they are a good candidate. The professional will answer any worries or questions and offer comprehensive information about the therapy, including any possible advantages and hazards. The patient may be given recommendations such as refraining from blood thinners, telling the expert about prior treatments, quitting smoking, and abstaining from alcohol to prepare for the surgery.


  • To ensure the patient’s comfort throughout the treatment, the skin expert uses a numbing lotion or gel.
  • Any oils or dirt are thoroughly removed from the nose and its surroundings.
  • Examining the nose and identifying areas for improvement, the skin specialist notes the patient’s preferred outcome.
  • The chosen filler or substance is administered by the professional by gently injecting it into certain parts of the nose using a tiny needle or cannula.
  • The expert expertly molds and sculpts the nose, creating a balanced and natural look.
  • The expert reviews the nose and makes any necessary last-minute changes to get the best results.

Recuperation and Aftercare:

Patients may suffer minor bruising, pain, or swelling around the nose, although this usually goes away in a few days. The use of cold compresses to reduce swelling, refraining from strenuous activities or heavy lifting, keeping the head elevated while resting, gentle cleaning of the treated area, and adherence to suggested topical treatments for optimal wound care are just a few of the personalized post-operative care instructions that skin specialists provide to support healing. These recommendations guarantee a quick and painless recovery, enabling patients to confidently maximize the effects of the treatment.


The price of Liquid Rhinoplasty in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah varies depending on the patient’s demands, the practitioner’s experience, and their geographic location. Typically, prices fall between AED ___ and AED ____. The kind and quantity of fillers used, any further procedures needed, and any associated consultation or follow-up costs are other factors that affect cost. It is recommended to speak with a skilled practitioner who can evaluate your unique needs and objectives to receive an exact estimate.

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