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Have you ever considered a unique form of therapy? The term for it is Psychosexual Therapy in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah. It’s similar to having helpful mentors who can increase your understanding of your emotions and interpersonal connections. Consider them to be emotional navigators who will lead you through your heart and mind. You’ll learn things about yourself that you didn’t know, and you will discover how to control your emotions. Prepare yourself for a journey that will alter the way you perceive intimacy and love; this is more than just a narrative; it is a journey that will lead you to a greater understanding of the fascinating world of emotions and connections.

Main Aim:

The main objective of therapy is to support individuals and couples in better understanding, enhancing, and exploring their sexual and personal experiences. This therapy aims to increase sexual happiness, foster more positive relationships, and empower people to embrace a more satisfying and self-assured attitude toward their personal lives.

What is Psychosexual Therapy?

Therapy is fundamentally a specialized type of counseling that concentrates on comprehending and enhancing the private and sexual facets of our lives. It’s like having a reliable travel buddy while you embark on a voyage of self-discovery and get to explore your emotions, ideas, and desires in a protected space. You’ll understand the complexity that affects your sexuality via candid dialogues that explore its emotional, psychological, and physical facets. 


Positive results of psychosexual therapy include enhanced sexual satisfaction, improved communication, and stronger emotional ties within relationships. The majority of the time, these results continue long beyond the therapy sessions.

Who Needs It?

For Males:

The therapy serves as a compass for guys who wants to address the complexity of intimacy and are looking for direction. It provides a haven for guys dealing with issues like erectile dysfunction, fluctuating desire, or performance anxiety and provides a method to regain confidence, repair relationships, and rekindle romance.


For women addressing the complexities of their intimate lives, counseling opens a gateway of insight. It serves as a haven for those who are facing difficulties like discomfort, diminished desire, or emotional barriers, giving them the chance to reclaim their independence, restore their relationships, and appreciate the beauty of their desires.

What Happens During the Session?

Exploration and Expression:

Each session develops as a forum for you to honestly and openly talk about the complexities of your feelings, ideas, and experiences related to intimacy and sexuality. These discussions take place with the therapist serving as your guide in a non-judgmental environment where your concerns, questions, and aspirations find a welcoming home.

Individualized Unpacking:

Your sexual history, present and former relationships, personal convictions, and any obstacles you may be facing are frequently discussed throughout the session of Psychosexual Therapy in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. Discovering the underlying causes that influence your sexual well-being is the goal to provide a solid platform for further investigation.

Various Methods & Techniques: 

A variety of strategies are used by psychosexual therapists to aid in your exploration. Expect to participate in interventions aimed at fostering a healthier self-image, learn techniques to deal with anxiety or performance-related issues, and engage in guided exercises to improve communication with your partner. These strategies provide a useful arsenal to overcome obstacles and open the door to personal development.

Inspiration and Empowerment:

The therapist’s offer of direction, wisdom, and useful tools throughout the therapeutic process helps you overcome challenges, improve communication, and move towards a meaningful intimate life. Your unique situation will determine how many sessions are necessary; some people may benefit from just a few sessions, while others may require more. 

When Are The Results Experienced?

While everyone experiences change differently over time, many people begin to see improvements after a few sessions. Over several months of persistent therapeutic process engagement, more profound and long-lasting improvements become completely visible.

What Disorders Does It Treat?

Decreased Sex Drive and Sexual Aversion:

A prolonged lack of interest in sexual activities is referred to as decreased sex drive, often referred to as a hypoactive sexual desire condition. An extreme case of this is sexual aversion, in which the thought of engaging in sexual activity repels or generates anxiety. 

Therapists assist patients in discovering any hidden anxieties, issues with their bodies, past traumas, or interpersonal problems that might be hurting their desire. Individuals can gradually overcome aversions and work towards improving their sexual desire and comfort.

Erectile Dysfunction:

When an erection is insufficient for sexual engagement, it’s known as erectile dysfunction (ED). It may be brought on by emotional, psychological, or physical reasons.

In the course of therapy, the psychological causes of the ailment are addressed. Therapists assist clients in recognizing and treating difficulties with self-esteem, performance anxiety, and harmful thought patterns associated with sexual activity. People can reclaim their confidence, lower their fear, and enhance their capacity to develop and maintain erections.


The disease known as vaginismus causes the muscles surrounding the vaginal opening to unintentionally constrict, which can be painful or uncomfortable when someone tries to penetrate. It frequently results from psychological causes like anxiety or bad experiences in the past.

The goal of therapy is to eliminate the psychological stressors that cause uncontrollable muscle contractions. To lessen anxiety and increase comfort, therapists lead clients through mindfulness exercises, relaxation techniques, and gradual desensitization. 


Dyspareunia is the term used to describe persistent genital pain that people suffer during sexual activity. Physical reasons like illnesses or infections as well as psychological ones like stress and trauma can all contribute to its development.

Identification and treatment of both the physical and psychological components are part of the therapy. The goal of therapy is to help people address any emotional triggers, painful memories, or relationship dynamics that may be causing them suffering. 

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