Lipo Abdominoplasty in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah Price & Cost

The days of never-ending diets, strenuous exercise regimens, and the fruitless pursuit of the illusive “perfect figure” are long gone. A surgical masterpiece painstakingly created to balance form and function, Lipo Abdominoplasty in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah is the most advanced form of body shaping. With each incision, a surgeon’s deft touch creates a symphony of transformation by deftly eliminating stubborn fat deposits and expertly tightening and shaping the abdominal muscles, creating a stunning canvas that radiates confidence and grace. But it is more than simply a procedure; it’s a journey that changes lives and goes well beyond the operating room. It’s an event that frees people from the weight of self-consciousness and allows them to embrace a fresh feeling of confidence.

Quick Facts:

  • An abdominal shape is achieved through Tummy Tuck Surgery, which involves fat removal, muscle strengthening, and waistline contouring.
  • A few hours are needed to finish the procedure, which is customized for the needs of every individual.
  • It tackles abdominal muscle slackness, extra body fat, and saggy skin. 


Lipo Abdominoplasty’s primary goal is to achieve a striking abdominal region modification. The operation seeks to provide a gorgeously shaped and toned abdomen by eliminating extra fat, strengthening abdominal muscles, and correcting loose skin. In addition to improving physical attractiveness, this operation gives people fresh confidence and a sense of pride in their bodies. 

Results of Lipo Abdominoplasty:

The surgery produces amazing outcomes. As extra fat is expertly eliminated, the abdominal muscles are strengthened, and the loose skin is molded into a taut, toned shape. Discover the delight of revealing a firmer, more defined midsection that energizes your overall appearance and improves confidence.

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Best Lipo Abdominoplasty Clinic in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Best Lipo Abdominoplasty Clinic in Dubai Lipo Abdominoplasty in Dubai

How Does Lipo Abdominoplasty Work?

Combining liposuction and abdominal muscle tightening are the two basic strategies used in the procedure. Through tiny incisions, extra fat is carefully eliminated throughout the surgery to create a more defined belly. The underlying muscles are then healed and strengthened, giving the illusion of a flatter, more toned body. 

Good Candidates:

  • The best candidates are in good general health, which guarantees a risk-free procedure and anesthesia.
  • Candidates realize that the treatment is not a replacement for weight loss and have maintained a steady weight for a significant amount of time.
  • Suitable patients have abdominal fat deposits and loose skin that haven’t responded to more conventional treatments like diet and exercise.
  • Candidates who don’t smoke are at lower risk for problems and typically recuperate more quickly.
  • The surgery can improve a person’s look, but candidates should go into the treatment with reasonable expectations and be aware that perfection may not be possible.

Right Surgeon for Your Lipo Abdominoplasty:

One of the most important decisions on the journey to change is selecting the best surgeon for your lipo abdominoplasty. Choose a surgeon who exhibits a special combination of scientific knowledge, creative insight, and compassion. The ideal surgeon has years of expertise, remarkable talent, and a track record of producing excellent outcomes. They value open communication, pay attention to your objectives, and offer straightforward advice. The ideal surgeon will confidently lead you through the procedure, ensuring that your goals become a reality. They will have a great eye for aesthetics and a commitment to patient happiness. 

Preparing For the Big Day:

You will meet with your surgeon at the first appointment to go through your expectations, medical history, and goals. They will do a thorough examination of your abdomen, determine whether you are a candidate for the operation, and develop a unique treatment plan, particularly for you. 

  • Set reasonable expectations for the operation and its likely results after doing your research.
  • Follow whatever instructions your surgeon may have given you, such as abstaining from smoking, taking certain medicines, and leading a healthy lifestyle before the procedure.
  • In the days before the procedure, drink a lot of water. Drinking enough water helps the body’s natural healing process.
  • Observe the guidelines provided by your surgeon on fasting before Lipo Abdominoplasty in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. An empty stomach is necessary for a secure anesthesia experience.


  • To make sure the patient is comfortable and pain-free during the procedure, anesthesia is administered. They can either be sedated while calm and awake (local anesthesia with sedation) or briefly asleep (general anesthesia).
  • To reach the abdomen, the surgeon makes a tiny incision slightly above the pubic region. A tiny incision is used to carefully remove extra fat using a cannula, a thin tube. The abdominal muscles can be strengthened and mended if necessary. For a smoother look, extra skin is carefully removed, and the remaining skin is tightened. The navel is moved if necessary to fit the new form.
  • The surgeon uses sutures or surgical staples to seal the incisions after making the required adjustments. To encourage good healing and lessen scarring, many layers may be applied.
  • The patient is transferred to a recovery area where they will be watched while they come out of anesthesia. Once they are stabilized, they are given guidelines for postoperative care, including pain management and activity limitations.

Recuperation and Post-Op Care:

Your body will need time to repair and regenerate as it gets used to its newly altered features following the surgery. For a speedy recovery at this stage, it is crucial to adhere to your surgeon’s guidelines. Here are some post-operative care guidelines in plain English that your surgeon could provide you:

  • As directed by your surgeon, take some time to unwind and refrain from rigorous activities for a certain amount of time.
  • Wear the compression clothing that your surgeon has prescribed since it will help the treated region recover properly and take on its desired shape.
  • Follow your surgeon’s recommendations for wound care and keep the surgery areas dry and clean.
  • Consume a well-balanced meal full of vitamins, minerals, and fluids to speed up your body’s natural healing processes and help in recuperation.

Benefits and Side Effects:


  • As the Lipo Surgery releases you from self-consciousness and enables you to completely enjoy life, you’ll experience a revitalized sense of confidence.
  • You may boldly experiment with a larger variety of clothing styles if your abdomen is more defined, allowing you to show off your distinctive style and uniqueness.
  • Enjoy a flatter, more defined waistline that accentuates your natural curves nicely and gives you a balanced, attractive appearance.
  • As the operation tightens the abdominal muscles, it also improves posture and core strength, improving overall physical well-being.
  • As you embrace a positive body image, the burden of self-consciousness will be taken off of your shoulders, allowing you to experience emotional freedom and a higher standard of living. 

Side Effects:

Temporary bruising and inflammation in the surgically treated region are frequent following the procedure. But as your body heals, it should gradually become better. Some pain and uncomfortable sensations may be felt in the early stages of rehabilitation. To assist ease any discomfort, your surgeon will offer the best pain treatment alternatives.

What is the Cost?

The price of Lipo Abdominoplasty in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah is affected by several variables that are specific to each case. These variables include how complicated the treatment is, the surgeon’s training and expertise, the clinic’s location, and any related procedures. Prices can range from AED 6,999 to AED 9,999, with wide variations.   

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