Eximia Treatment - Non-Surgical Fat Reduction Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Have you ever imagined a future where science does more than merely surprise us in films? Hold onto your hats, though, because the Eximia Treatment in Dubai & Abu Dhabi is making that fantasy a reality, and it’s just as simple to grasp as your favorite bedtime book! Imagine your body recovering fabulously, not like a sluggish snail but rather like a superhero with high-tech equipment. Eximia is similar to the magic elixir that doctors employ to make you feel better, and what do you know? We’re going to tell you exactly how this magic trick works right now. Read on to learn everything there is to know about it.

Aim of Treatment:

Enhancing the body’s shape and texture without surgery is the primary goal of the treatment. The therapy seeks to solve problems like cellulite, extra weight, and sagging skin by using contemporary technology. It aims to enhance skin quality and support people in achieving a more defined and firmer body contour by combining a variety of methods.

Results of Eximia Treatment:

The treatment improves the appearance of the body by addressing issues including cellulite, extra fat, and looser-than-desired skin. These changes can frequently be observed after a few sessions, often 4 to 8, suited to each client’s needs. Over several weeks to months, the full extent of the outcomes becomes apparent, assuring a consistent and long-lasting improvement in the treated areas.


  • The procedure stands out since it not only targets fat reduction but also improves the texture of the skin, giving it a more refined and smoother appearance.
  • This method’s distinctive feature is its personalization, which fits the treatment to each person’s specific needs and problems.
  • It offers a non-invasive approach to body improvement, differing from surgical treatments by minimizing the disruption to everyday life and recovery time.
  • A subtle and organic alteration is ensured by the treatment’s slow advancement toward the target result, preventing abrupt and apparent changes in appearance.
  • Its flexibility is a standout advantage; the therapy may be used on different body parts, enabling thorough development and toning possibilities across various target areas.

Ideal Candidate:

  • People who want to address specific areas of resistant fat accumulation might consider the procedure.
  • This treatment option will appeal to those who want to achieve body-reshaping benefits without undergoing surgery.
  • The tailored strategy of this treatment can help people with mild to moderate cellulite issues.
  • For anyone considering this procedure, having realistic expectations and dedication to the treatment plan are vital attributes.
  • After a thorough evaluation by a healthcare professional, candidates without major underlying medical disorders might be taken into consideration for the therapy.
  • This treatment offers a thorough strategy to achieve your goals to improve your skin’s firmness and texture.


During the initial consultation for the treatment, several key steps take place. The patient consults with a skin specialist to decide whether the treatment is appropriate for them based on their goals, concerns, and medical history. The professional then does a physical examination of the treatment regions, evaluating elements like the degree of cellulite, the flexibility of the skin, and any localized fat deposits. A personalized treatment plan that outlines the number of sessions required and the desired results is created based on this assessment.

Pre-Procedure Care:

  • Ensuring adequate water intake in the days before the Eximia Treatment in Dubai & Abu Dhabi encourages skin hydration, which increases the skin’s receptivity to the process.
  • Limiting exposure to the sun and adopting sensible sun protection methods maintain the skin’s healthy state in preparation for treatment.
  • The risk of post-procedure bruising is reduced by avoiding blood-thinning drugs or supplements.
  • When applicable, quitting smoking helps with post-treatment recovery and overall results.
  • To increase comfort and efficacy in areas that call for precision shaving, the treatment area should be shaved beforehand.


  1. To ensure that the treatment tools move smoothly, a cooling gel or conductive cream is applied to the areas that will receive treatment.
  2. Focused ultrasonic radiation is applied to the targeted fat cells, rupturing their membranes and releasing trapped fat.
  3. The radiofrequency instrument is used after ultrasonography. It produces heat, which stimulates the synthesis of collagen, tightens the skin, and improves blood flow.
  4. Using a vacuum-assisted massage device encourages improved lymphatic drainage, which helps with fat removal and cellulite reduction.
  5. Low-level laser treatment may occasionally be used to promote metabolic processes and increase circulation in treated areas.
  6. A cooling device is used to cool the skin and reduce any discomfort that may develop after treatment.


The healing stage following therapy is typically straightforward. Patients may suffer little redness or discomfort in the treated regions, although this normally goes away quickly. Most people can get back to their regular activities right away following the session. To achieve the best results, the skin specialist provides post-operative care instructions:

  • Keep your body well-hydrated to help skin repair and renewal.
  • To prevent irritation, clean treated areas gently without using too much pressure when scrubbing.
  • Apply a moisturizer frequently to keep your skin supple and reduce any dryness.
  • Protect treated areas from the sun’s rays by covering them with sunscreen and avoiding intense sun exposure.
  • Moderate exercise helps improve circulation and hasten recovery, but avoid vigorous exercise just after surgery.

Side Effects:

There may be brief and transient side effects from the treatment. These could include slight swelling, redness, or discomfort in the treated areas. Patients may occasionally experience slight bruising or more sensitive skin, although these side effects often go away within a few days. Before receiving the treatment, it is essential to discuss any potential hazards and ascertain if it is appropriate for the patient’s specific situation.


The Eximia Treatment in Dubai & Abu Dhabi costs might vary, but they typically range from AED 2000 to AED 2500 per session. The overprice cost depends on several variables, including the degree of care required, the specific body parts being addressed, the number of sessions required to achieve the desired results, and the location of the clinic. Having a one-on-one session with an expert can result in a more precise prediction that is suited to each person’s needs and goals.

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