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Picture this: you’re staring at your reflection in the mirror, scrutinizing every blemish and imperfection on your skin. But instead of feeling frustrated, you feel empowered because you know that with Surgical Scar Revision in Dubai & Abu Dhabi you have the power to transform your skin into a work of art. That’s right, this treatment is not just a cosmetic procedure – it’s an art form. With skilled hands and precision tools, surgeons can create a masterpiece on your skin, seamlessly blending scars into your natural skin tone and texture. It’s like a symphony of skin rejuvenation, with each movement and technique working in perfect harmony to create a flawless result. But the beauty of surgical scar revision is not just skin deep – it can also be life-changing for those who have been living with scars that remind them of a traumatic event or medical procedure. Minimizing the appearance of scars can help you reclaim your confidence and take back control of your body. 

Aim of Treatment:

The major goal of treatment is to assist patients in overcoming the psychological and physical scars that have been preventing them from achieving their goals. It seeks to make patients feel more at ease in their skin by making scars less noticeable. The major objective of the operation is to assist patients in achieving their cosmetic objectives and enhancing their general quality of life.


The results of the surgery on a patient’s physical and psychological health are significant. The procedure makes patients feel more at ease and comfortable in their skin by lessening the visibility of scars and enhancing skin texture and tone and enables them to move past the painful experiences or medical treatments that may have resulted in their scars.

Surgical Scar Revision Clinic in Abu Dhabi Surgical Scar Revision Clinic in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Best Surgical Scar Revision Clinic in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Best Surgical Scar Revision Clinic in Dubai Best Surgical Scar Revision in Dubai Surgical Scar Revision in Dubai


  • Surgeons design a personalized treatment plan that improves the patient’s inherent attractiveness by taking into account the patient’s distinct skin type and scar pattern.
  • The burden of a distressing reminder of previous tragedies can be lessened by minimizing the visibility of scars, allowing patients to go on with newfound optimism and confidence.
  • It encourages long-term environmental stewardship by lessening the need for frequent treatments or overly extensive cosmetic cover-ups.
  • It can assist patients in achieving their desired objectives, be they related to aesthetic issues or functional enhancements.
  • The procedure makes use of cutting-edge technologies, including skin grafting and laser resurfacing, to produce accurate, successful outcomes.

Who Is A Candidate?

It is appropriate for those who have visible scars and are suffering from emotional or mental discomfort or who just wish to enhance the texture and tone of their skin. The procedure can assist patients in achieving their desired cosmetic results, regardless of whether the scars are the consequence of surgery, accident, or medical issues. Those who have hyperpigmentation, keloid scars, or uneven skin texture benefit most from this procedure.

Treatment Procedure At Esthetic Clinic:

  • The patient will be prepared for Surgical Scar Revision in Dubai & Abu Dhabi which depending on the complexity of the procedure may include giving them local or general anesthesia.
  • The surgeon will carefully remove any damaged tissue after making an incision around the scar or region of scarring.
  • Following that, the incision will be closed by the surgeon using sutures, skin adhesives, or staples, among other methods.
  • To prevent infection and hasten healing, the surgical site will be covered with sterile bandages or dressings.
  • Until the patient is stable enough to return home, they will be closely watched in a recovery area. This can entail keeping an eye on vital signs and giving out painkillers as necessary.

When the patient’s surgeon thinks it safe to do so, they will be released from the clinic and advised on how to take care of themselves in the days and weeks that follow the treatment.


Although the road to recovery following surgery may seem challenging, patients can minimize their discomfort and maximize their results with proper aftercare. Patients may have swelling, soreness, or minor discomfort in the days following surgery, depending on the nature of the treatment. With the right treatment, these symptoms can be effectively treated.

Following are some recommendations for aftercare that the surgeon might make:

  • Drinking enough water promotes recovery and helps lessen bruising and swelling. Patients should attempt to avoid coffee and alcohol while consuming at least eight glasses of water daily.
  • The risk of scarring can be decreased and blood flow can be increased by massaging the region close to the surgical site. Patients could be instructed to give themselves a little massage with a moisturizing lotion or oil.
  • The healing process can be aided by a nutritious, balanced diet rich in vitamins and minerals. Patients should concentrate on ingesting protein-rich meals including lean meats, fish, and lentils.
  • Even though during the first phase of recuperation, patients should refrain from rigorous activity, gentle, mindful movements like yoga or walking can assist to increase circulation and lower tension.

Alternative Options:

  • Topical Treatment: Topical therapies that nourish the skin, such as vitamin E oils and plant-based serums, can provide it with the critical nutrients and water it needs to recover more quickly and fight inflammation.
  • Filler Injections: By filling up the skin’s depressions, injectable fillers can be used to lessen the appearance of deep scars. The complexion may seem smoother and more even as a consequence.
  • Light therapy: It can be a powerful non-invasive method of decreasing the appearance of scars, whether it uses lasers or LED lights. These procedures enhance skin tone and texture while promoting collagen formation.
  • Chemical Peels: By removing the top layer of damaged skin, chemical exfoliants can reveal a complexion that is smoother and more uniform in tone. This may work well to lessen the visibility of superficial scars.

Schedule A Consultation:

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