Best Sexual Reassignment Surgery in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Cost & Price

Have you ever questioned whether it’s possible to alter one’s appearance such that it more accurately reflects their inner self? Guess what, though? It’s possible! Sexual Reassignment Surgery in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah is a kind of enchanted journey that aids people in becoming the finest versions of themselves. You know, sometimes people may feel as though their physical appearance doesn’t reflect who they are. It would be similar to wearing clothing that didn’t quite feel “you.” The surgery for reassignment is similar to receiving a custom-made dress that makes you feel beautiful. However, it’s not only about improving someone’s appearance; it’s also about making them feel incredibly content and at ease with themselves. 

Main Aim:

The main goal of the surgery is to help people change their physical characteristics so that they more closely resemble their true gender identities. By following this process, people can achieve a harmonious balance between their inner essence and outer form, feeling at ease, confident, and true to themselves.

What is Sexual Reassignment Surgery?

In this procedure, trained medical surgeons alter the body to reflect the individual’s inner sense of self. This amazing trip creates a link between who you are on the inside and how you exhibit yourself to the outside world; it transforms a personal vision into reality.


The results of surgery can have a significant effect by giving people a body that is consistent with their true gender identification. These impacts are often long-lasting, bringing about a change that supports a person’s opinion of themselves. Although there may be noticeable changes right away following the treatment, it may take several months for all of the intended effects to materialize as the body heals and adapts to its new shape.

Ideal Candidate:

  • Those most likely to benefit from surgery frequently feel an intense sense of incongruity between their intrinsic gender identity and their biological sex.
  • A thorough comprehension of the surgical procedure, its potential effects, and the considerable changes it entails is a prerequisite for suitable candidates, ensuring that they set out on this road fully informed.
  • For those considering this surgery, having optimal physical and mental health lays the groundwork for a faster, safer procedure that complements their general health.
  • Ideal candidates keep their expectations for the operation’s outcomes in check and are aware that, while transformation is possible, it takes time and a good healing environment.
  • The experience is enhanced by having a strong network of social and emotional support, which enables candidates to traverse the emotional complexities of the journey with a sense of belonging.


Patients share their goals, worries, and medical histories with their medical team at the initial consultation for Sexual Reassignment Surgery in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. By thoroughly evaluating the patient’s physical and mental condition, as well as any concerns, the doctors determine whether or not they are a good candidate for surgery. Patients also receive a thorough explanation of the surgical procedure, possible outcomes, and the recuperation period so they can make educated selections.



  • Anesthesia is given to the patient before the procedure to ensure comfort and pain management.
  • To make a vaginal canal, an incision is performed in the genital region.
  • The labia and walls of the vaginal canal are meticulously formed by reshaping the penile and scrotal tissues. A clitoris can be made using the penis head (glans).
  • The penile skin and other tissues are used to lengthen the vaginal canal.
  • To shield the freshly formed clitoris, tissue from the vicinity is used to construct a clitoral hood.
  • To create the vaginal framework, the wounds are delicately stitched together. Stitches that dissolve may be utilized.
  • To avoid fluid buildup, sterile cloths are applied, and drains may be inserted.


  • The patient is prepared for surgery, and painless treatment is carried out by administering anesthesia.
  • To make the phallus, tissue is gathered from a donor region, which is typically the forearm, thigh, or back.
  • To allow for urination, the urethra is stretched through the neophallus.
  • The donor tissue is linked to the body’s natural genitalia in the form of a phallus.
  • Attaching neurons and blood vessels for sensation and blood flow using microsurgical procedures.
  • To give sensory function, a glans is built through connections between tissue and nerves.
  • Scrotal implants can be put in to resemble the appearance of the scrotum if desired.
  • To aid in healing, the neophallus is painstakingly sutured and dressed.
  • Drains could be positioned to prevent fluid accumulation.

Post-Operative Care:

  • Give your body plenty of time to rest and sleep. It resembles your body’s method of self-healing.
  • Water is important to keep you hydrated and to hasten your body’s recovery.
  • Consume foods that are excellent for your body, such as those that are high in vitamins.
  • Carry out the gentle workouts that your doctor has recommended. Your body feels better as a result.
  • Follow your doctor’s prescriptions. To get well, it’s similar to following a map.


The cost of Sexual Reassignment Surgery in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah can vary greatly. It depends on several factors, including the surgeries you select, their complexity, the hospital’s location, and the doctors’ level of training. Additionally, the cost of the procedure itself as well as any unforeseen expenses is included in the amount you must pay. The sum of all these expenses determines the final price.

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