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In the ever-evolving landscape of body contouring, Lipomatic Treatment in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah stands out as a true marvel of modern science. This non-invasive therapy, which uses the most modern technology to gently vibrate and liquefy undesirable fat cells, is nothing short of a breakthrough in the realm of aesthetic medicine. The treatment has completely changed the way we think about body contouring because of its pinpoint accuracy and unmatched outcomes. We no longer need to suffer uncomfortable surgery or protracted recuperation periods to reach our ideal figure. Instead, we may depend on the therapy’s state-of-the-art technology to do the task. So read on and be ready to be astounded by the transformational power of therapy and embrace the future of body reshaping.


  • A minimally invasive process that eliminates undesirable fat cells using cutting-edge technology.
  • Takes between one and three hours and can be done under sedation or local anesthesia.
  • Patients usually recover within a week and can go home the same day.
  • Long-lasting results can be maintained by leading a healthy lifestyle.
  • Can be used on different areas of the body.


The treatment produces outstanding outcomes that go beyond simple physical change. After the surgery, patients claim to feel more empowered, self-assured, and confident. With its capacity to precisely and deftly mold the body, the therapy can assist patients in achieving their desired appearance and improving their general well-being.

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  • It doesn’t require extensive incisions, general anesthesia, or much recovery time, which speeds up the healing process.
  • A more customized and natural-looking outcome is achieved through precise sculpting and contouring made possible by modern technologies.
  • It produces long-lasting effects that a healthy lifestyle can maintain.
  • A patient’s life might be positively impacted by improved self-esteem and confidence, from interpersonal connections to professional achievement.
  • The procedure is a safe and effective way to get the desired body shape with little danger of consequences. It has been clinically evaluated and confirmed to work.

Ideal Candidate:

  • Those who have worked hard to maintain a healthy weight and way of life but are still having difficulty getting rid of stubborn pockets of fat.
  • Those who are aware that the surgery is an aid rather than a replacement for leading a healthy lifestyle.
  • Candidates with no underlying medical issues and good general health.
  • The ideal applicants should be aware that the Treatment is only a tool to aid them in achieving their ideal body shape rather than a quick fix.
  • Smokers who don’t smoke or who are prepared to give up for a while before and after the treatment are more likely to have a positive outcome.
  • Those who have elastic skin will have better outcomes since their skin can adjust more readily.

Consultation and Preparation:

The surgeon will carefully review the patient’s medical history, present health condition, and desired results at the initial consultation, and the patient will have the chance to ask questions and voice any concerns they may have. The surgeon may give the following pre-operative instructions during the consultation:

  • To encourage optimal recovery, the patient should consume plenty of water before to the surgery.
  • To maximize their body’s capacity for healing before the treatment, the patient should receive enough rest and consume a healthy, balanced diet.
  • Only the absolute necessities should be brought by the patient, leaving extras like jewelry or cosmetics at home on the day of the procedure.
  • The patient should practice relaxing exercises like deep breathing to lessen anxiety and promote relaxation.

Procedure at the Esthetic Clinic:

  • A relaxing sedative will be administered to the patient, who will then rest and become quiet. As they let the knowledgeable medical staff handle the rest, they will feel at peace and comfort.
  • They will make a very little cut as if revealing the key to a new, more sculpted version of themselves. The incision will be small and precise thanks to the surgeon’s firm hand, leaving nothing behind but the promise of a new body.
  • The fat cells will submit to the surgeon’s deft touch with the mild vibration of the specialized cannula. The patient will have a sensation of relief, as though the fat is finally melting away, leaving only confidence and beauty behind.
  • With the utmost care and accuracy, just like a sculptor chiseling away at a masterpiece, the liquefied fat will be eliminated. The patient will feel more and more like they are getting the appearance they want with each suction of fat, and excitement will start to build inside of them.
  • Like the final touches on a piece of art, the incision will be meticulously closed. The patient will have a sense of accomplishment and happiness after moving towards a more promising and secure future.

Recuperation Period:

Following the treatment, the recovery phase is an important period that needs the patient’s undivided attention and dedication. The doctor may advise the patient to wear compression clothing to aid in appropriate healing and to keep the surgery site dry and clean to reduce the risk of infection. The patient should prioritize rest and light exercise throughout this period so that their body may heal at its speed. The surgeon will arrange follow-up consultations to keep tabs on the patient’s development and make sure they are happy with the outcomes.

Cost of Lipomatic in Dubai UAE:

The location of the clinic, the surgeon’s training and experience, and the degree of the recommended therapy all affect how much the Lipomatic Treatment in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah will cost. The price of the operation might vary greatly depending on these variables; it normally costs between AED 3,999 and AED 8,999. Patients should speak with their surgeon to get a detailed estimate that takes into consideration their specific requirements and desired results.

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