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Welcome to the world of FUT Hair Transplant in Dubai & Abu Dhabi where hair loss is a thing of the past. Are you tired of hiding your bald spots or thinning hair with hats or headscarves? Do you wish to have the full head of hair that you once had? If you answered yes, then you’re in the right place! This is an advanced hair restoration technique that can help you achieve the full, luscious hair of your dreams. With cutting-edge technology and skilled surgeons, this procedure is available at the Esthetic Clinic to help you regain your confidence and boost your self-esteem. So, whether you’re a man or a woman, young or old, don’t let hair loss hold you back any longer. Read on to discover how the treatment can transform your life!

Aim of the Treatment:

It is a specialized Hair Transplant process intended to provide those who are balding a long-term fix. The procedure makes sure that the hair that is transplanted looks and feels natural by delicately dissecting a strip of skin from the back of the scalp into individual follicles. It is a life-changing surgery that seeks to help people look and feel their best by restoring a full head of hair and boosting self-confidence.

Results of FUT Hair Transplant Dubai:

The majority of patients report enjoying a revitalized feeling of self-assurance and contentment with their looks. It offers spectacular and life-changing outcomes. Within 12 to 18 months of the treatment, the transplanted hair grows naturally and flawlessly, becoming fully visible. Also, because the effects are long-lasting, patients can benefit from a full head of hair for the rest of their lives. By making this decision, people can regain their youth and gain newfound confidence, which will enable them to live happier, more meaningful lives.

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Pros Experienced by Individuals:

  • The majority of patients have obvious, natural-looking outcomes, and it has a high success rate.
  • For patients who need a substantial amount of hair restoration, this method is more effective since more grafts may be collected than with other methods because it entails the surgical excision of a strip of scalp.
  • A smooth and natural-looking hairline is produced by the transplanted hair growing in the same direction as the surrounding hair.
  • Patients can benefit from the benefits for the rest of their lives because it is a permanent treatment for hair loss.
  • Although a scar will remain in the donor location, it will typically be hidden by the hair around it.

Suitable Contenders:

  • Due to genetics, illnesses, or injuries, they are balding or losing their hair.
  • There is enough hair in the donor area, which is on the sides or back of the scalp, to be transferred.
  • They have no chronic medical issues that might impair the healing process and are in good general health.
  • They recognize that while the FUT Hair Transplant in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah can offer a significant improvement, it cannot ensure ideal outcomes, therefore they have reasonable expectations for how it will turn out.
  • Often older than 25, as hair loss patterns usually stabilize by this time, enabling for more precise prediction of the procedure’s long-term effects.
  • They don’t smoke or are willing to give up smoking before and after the treatment.


The procedure is usually completed in a single day and requires the surgeon to complete numerous phases.

  • Preparing the donor location for surgery is the first step. To make it easier to remove the hair-bearing strip, the hair in this area is cut short. Following the preparation of the donor area, the patient receives a local anesthetic to numb the scalp.
  • The surgeon next makes use of a scalpel to delicately remove the piece of the donor’s scalp. Depending on the quantity of hair required for the transplant, the strip’s size may change. The wound is subsequently stitched or stapled shut with surgical supplies.
  • The clinical technicians take the strip of the scalp and carefully examine it under a microscope to extract individual hair cells or grafts. Then, those grafts are categorized based on their size and quality.
  • Cuts or slits are made in the bald or receding area of the scalp to prepare the recipient area while the implants are being prepared. To achieve a hairline that looks natural, these incisions’ size and direction are quite important.
  • The surgeon carefully inserts the grafts into the incisions using specialized devices after carefully preparing the recipient area. To guarantee that the transplanted hair grows in the natural direction, the angle and direction of implantation are crucial.

Finally, a bandage is put on the scalp after it has been washed to preserve the donor and recipient sites. After the surgery, the patient receives comprehensive post-operative instructions.

Aftercare Instructions:

  • Refrain from touching or scratching the scalp for the initial days to avoid disrupting the grafts.
  • During sleep, elevate your head to mitigate swelling and pain.
  • Take prescribed medications such as painkillers and antibiotics as advised to manage pain and reduce the risk of infections.
  • For a minimum of one week after the procedure, avoid alcohol, smoking, and any strenuous activity.
  • To avoid any damage to the scalp, keep it dry and steer clear of direct sunlight, heat, and sweat for the first few days.
  • Follow a gentle hair care routine, avoiding harsh chemicals such as hair dyes and styling products for at least two weeks post-operation.

Cost of FUT Hair Transplant:

On average the FUT Hair Transplant in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah may cost AED 6,999 to AED 9,999. However, this price varies from person to person depending on the complexity and longevity of the procedure. It also depends on the intended outcomes of the individual. All these cost-affecting factors are considered by the hair specialist when determining the price of the therapy.

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