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Specific changes begin to occur in our body as we age. Many of these changes occur as a result of skin tissue loosening and increased visceral and intradermal fat deposits. Underarm sagginess is one of these changes. The saggy arms lower the confidence of the person and also affect the physical appearance of the person. But with the help of Arm Lift in Dubai & Abu Dhabi the excess fat deposits and saggy skin will be removed and this will contour your arms. If you have too much fat deposit then you can also get Liposuction of the arm at the same time to enhance the results of the treatment. A sculpted upper arm will complement both your silhouette and your outfit. Know more about the treatment procedure by reading the following article.

Results of Arm Lift Dubai:

The results of an arm lift can be seen after a few days of the surgery when all the swelling will subside. You will need to wait for a few days to see the contour and tighter upper arms. The results will be long-lasting if you follow a healthy life routine and exercise regularly. The results will differ for every patient and depend on the skin condition of the person. At our clinic, we have highly skilled surgeons who will provide you with the best outcomes.

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What is Arm Lift?

The arm lift procedure is also known as Brachioplasty. This surgery is performed to get rid of excess arm fat and saggy skin. If performed successfully, Arm Lift surgery in Dubai will transform your arms from bad to fab. With the help of advancements in cosmetic procedures and treatment techniques, surgeons perform the treatment more efficiently. Make sure that you choose a skilled and experienced surgeon for getting maximum results without any side effects.

Ideal Candidate for the Arm Lift:

Men and women who are looking for a contoured and enhanced arm look can get the arm lift surgery. The saggy arm can be due to genetics, being overweight, growing age, and Saggy Skin. If you want to get rid of saggy arms then you can opt for the Arm lift procedure. But for every treatment procedure, there is a certain criterion, the surgeon will examine your treatment area and will ask about your undergoing medical condition. During this time it is best to tell the doctor if you are allergic to something or taking any medication. This will help the doctor to determine if you fall in the candidacy criteria. You can get the Arm Lift if:

  • You want a toned and contoured arms
  • You have developed bat wings
  • You have loose and saggy skin on the arms area
  • You are not overweight
  • You are physically and mentally a healthy person
  • You do not smoke or drink
  • You have realistic expectations regarding the treatment

Arm Lift Techniques:

The surgeon will discuss the technique of arm lift with the patient so you can choose any of the treatment techniques depending on your desired goals. The two techniques for Arm Lift in Dubai & Abu Dhabi are as follows:

  • Minimal Arm Lift:

People who want minimal modification and contour can choose the minimal arm lift. In this type of technique, an incision is made in the armpit area. And with the help of liposuction the excess fat is removed. After that, the surgeon will remove the saggy skin and will close the treatment area with sutures. This procedure reduces the diameter of the upper arms and gives them a stiffened and firm appearance.

  • Full Arm Lift:

In the full lift, the surgeon makes an incision from the armpit area to the elbow. After that, the excess fat and saggy skin from the area is removed. This type of technique is more invasive but provides more dramatic results to the patients. 

Both treatment techniques are carried out under local anaesthesia so you will remain comfortable during the whole procedure.

Arm Lift Recovery:

After the procedure when the effect of anaesthesia will fade away then take the painkiller and medicated medicines to avoid pain. Swelling and redness are common which will fade away in a few days. The recovery time is different for every patient as it depends on the healing power of the patient. It is seen that most of the patients return to their daily work after 5 to 6 days. Avoid taking baths for a few days and try to wear compression garments to reduce the swelling. Strengthening exercises should be avoided for at least ten days if not two weeks.


Arm lift surgery improves your appearance, physiology, and psychology. When you get the Arm Lift in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah then you will get the following benefits:

  • It will improve the body image of the person
  • You will get tighter and toned arms
  • It improves your Silhouette Facelift
  • You can wear any type of clothing
  • Relieve the symptoms of skin chafing
  • The results are long-lasting
  • It minimises the inflammation due to skin folds
  • Reduce localised fat pockets in the upper arm area

Why Choose Us?

Esthetic Clinic has highly experienced surgeons and staff who will guide you through the procedure of arm lifts. We have more than 20 years of experience in the aesthetic and cosmetic field and we assure you to provide the best results. So book an appointment with us now to get your arms in shape.