Cheapest Hair Transplant Cost in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Hybrid FUE Price

Are you sick and weary of struggling with hair falling and losing? Do you wish you still had a full set of locks? If so, you might be curious to learn more about the field of hair transplant surgery. And where better to do it than in Dubai, a country known for its opulence and top-notch medical facilities?

However, you might be wondering how much the Hair Transplant Cost in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah. Let us first clarify that the total cost of the procedure covers all essential expenses, from the consultation through the post-care period. The good news is that this price is reasonable and accessible to a larger variety of individuals as compared to other locations. In the page below, we will dive deep into the cost of the therapy, explaining the different factors that affect the overall cost of the therapy. So, if you are interested in learning more about the costs, sit back, relax, and read on.

Fast Facts:

  • The average duration of the session is 4 to 8 hours.
  • The technique uses local anesthesia, which makes it comparatively painless.
  • In Dubai, it costs as little as AED 7,999.
  • The complete effects of the treatment may not become apparent for up to 12 months, while some preliminary effects could be noticeable in a few months.

Pricing Details:

The price is determined by a customized method that calls for a unique strategy. The type of technique employed, the doctor’s expertise, the clinic’s reputation, and the individual’s particular demands are just a few of the variables that affect the price. Therefore, the price of the procedure can only be calculated with certainty following a thorough consultation with the expert. However, the average price can be between AED 7,999 and AED 12,999.


In addition to replacing lost hair, successful therapy can transform a person’s life by enhancing their confidence and self-esteem. It gives people a revitalized sensation of vigor and aids in the rediscovery of their sense of self, enhancing their perception of their attractiveness and young.

Best Hair Transplant Cost Clinic in Dubai Hair Transplant Cost Clinic in Abu Dhabi Hair Transplant Cost in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Best Hair Transplant Cost in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Best Hair Transplant Cost in Dubai Hair Transplant Cost in Dubai

100 % Installment Plans:

Although the price could be a significant problem for many individuals, it is now simpler to handle thanks to the availability of 100% installment plans in Dubai. These programs enable patients to pay for their treatments over time without incurring any additional costs. Patients who choose this option can select a payment schedule that fits their financial situation and guarantees they can have the treatment they require without worrying about the upfront expense. This increases the treatment’s accessibility to a broader population, thereby assisting them in achieving their ideal appearance and boosting their confidence. Therefore, if you’re thinking about getting treatment, our 100% payment plan might be a great way to acquire the care you need.

Why Does the Price Vary?

The Hair Transplant Cost in Dubai & Abu Dhabi is affected by several variables, including the type of method employed and the surgeon’s level of skill. The size of the balding region, the number of grafts required, and the desired density of the implanted hair are other criteria that influence the cost. Additionally, characteristics specific to the patient, such as age, overall health, and hair type might affect the price. It is crucial to have a full consultation with a specialist to evaluate the best alternatives and price for each unique situation because procedures are highly individualized and hence costs can vary widely from person to person.

What Happens During The Treatment?

The surgeon gently removes single hair follicles from the donor area region while the patient is given topical anesthesia to guarantee their comfort. Then, to get a natural-looking outcome, the follicles are selected and prepared for the procedure while taking into account the direction and angle of the surrounding hair. The follicles are then surgically implanted into the recipient location, with special attention paid to depth, spacing, and orientation. The entire procedure is a complex balancing act between art and science that needs accuracy and close attention to produce the desired results.

Suitable Contenders:

  • Suffering a loss of hair as a consequence of male or female pattern hair loss scarring alopecia, or other circumstances
  • In good overall health, free from any conditions that might impede recovery or increase the likelihood of difficulties
  • With adequate donor locks on either the back or sides of the scalp.
  • To encourage recovery, smokers should refrain from smoking both before and after the therapy.
  • Genuine expectations for the outcome of the procedure and knowledge of the procedure for healing
  • Willing to follow instructions following surgery exactly to achieve the best results.


It has a variety of special advantages beyond merely initiating hair growth. It can aid people in looking younger and rested by enhancing the appearance of balding or thinning patches. This can then result in higher self-esteem and better mental health. It also eliminates the need for continuous maintenance or further treatments because it is a long-term solution with lasting effects. Additionally, because the operation is minimally invasive and leaves little to no scarring, patients may resume their typical activities right afterward. It can enhance hair quality and density while also making style and upkeep simpler, boosting the quality of life all around.

Why Are We Better Than Others?

Due to the great services, we offer at competitive prices, our clinic stands out above others in Dubai. For the greatest outcomes, our team of specialists customizes treatment regimens for each individual using the most recent techniques and technologies. We think that getting a full head of hair and feeling more confident shouldn’t be expensive. We provide affordable price options and 100% installment plans to make it available to a larger spectrum of people. To make our patients look and feel their best, we are devoted to delivering top-notch treatment and outstanding patient care.

Price Too High?

We offer affordable solutions, such as scalp micro pigmentation, growth-promoting therapies, and medication for thinning hair. To halt the shedding and promote fuller-looking hair, these techniques are effective. Regardless of one’s financial status, we aim to make the restoration of hair cheap for everyone. We also want to help individuals achieve their ideal appearances without having to have pricey surgery.

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