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For many individuals, having a “double chin,” or extra fat underneath the chin can be irritating. Regardless of diet and exercise, it can be challenging to lose fat deposits in this area, which can make many people feel self-conscious and unsatisfied with how they look. Thankfully, Chin Liposuction in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah is an option. To enhance facial characteristics and achieve a more young, vibrant appearance, chin surgery is a safe and efficient procedure. The technique has become more effective and minimally invasive than before thanks to technological improvements, making it a desirable option for people looking for a minimally invasive cure for their double chin troubles.

What is the Treatment?

This is a cosmetic surgery that is used to eliminate extra fat from the region underneath the chin, enhancing the look of the jawbone and neck. The procedure is a minimally invasive technique that entails creating a tiny incision and suctioning away the extra fat with a tiny cannula. Most patients can resume their regular activities within a couple of days after the treatment. It is carried out under local anesthetic and is a great alternative for people who have tried to get rid of stubborn fat from this region through diet and exercise alone. It is also a secure and reliable technique to get the desired results.


The majority of individuals report having a smaller, more defined jawline, which is a good result. The outcomes are instantaneous, although there might be some inflammation and bruises in the days after the treatment. After the inflammation has completely reduced in a few months, the final effects are visible. These benefits can endure for years, giving you a more appealing and younger-looking face with a healthy lifestyle and exercise.

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Pros of the Treatment:

  • It emphasizes the jawline and gets rid of extra fat under the chin.
  • It is less intrusive and quick to heal.
  • It increases self-assurance and enhances physical beauty.
  • With proper maintenance, outcomes are both quick and enduring.
  • It makes other facial characteristics, like the neck and cheeks, look better.
  • When carried out by an experienced expert, the treatment is safe and efficient.

Who Are the Candidates For the Treatment?

Those who have excessive submental fat that is resistant to diet and exercise and who want to improve the look of their neck and jawline are usually good candidates for chin reduction. Individuals must be in good general health, keep their weight consistent, have elasticity in their skin and be free of any illnesses that can enhance the dangers of the surgery. Applicants should also have reasonable expectations for how the surgery will turn out because chin surgery is not a weight reduction procedure and outcomes can vary based on the patient. A trained plastic surgeon can assess a person’s unique situation to decide if they are an appropriate candidate for chin surgery.


To make sure you’re a good candidate for Chin Liposuction in Dubai & Abu Dhabi, it’s crucial to speak with a licensed plastic surgeon before the operation. To choose the optimal procedure, the specialist will look at the medical records, the elasticity of your skin, and the amount of excess fat that needs to be removed. Patients are encouraged to refrain from using blood-thinning drugs and vitamins, smoking, and drinking alcohol before the surgery. Patients should also discuss with their doctor any allergies, illnesses, or operations they have had in the past that may affect the treatment.


The entire process usually takes between one and two hrs, and the majority of individuals can resume their normal lives—including work—within a few days. The following steps are often included in the process:

  • To make sure that the individual is at ease throughout the treatment, a local anesthetic is injected into the region under the chin.
  • A tiny cannula is injected through a tiny incision that is made underneath the chin.
  • The probe is used to remove extra fat from the desired location by suction. To produce a result that seems natural, the surgeon will meticulously contour the area.
  • The cannula is removed after the required amount of fatty tissue has been eliminated, and the wound is then stitched up.
  • The individual is then allowed to go home the same day after having the wound bandaged and being under observation for a brief period.

Post Treatment:

Patients may have some bruises, inflammation, and soreness following chin surgery, but these side effects can be controlled with painkillers and compressive clothing. During a minimum of two weeks, they must refrain from vigorous activity and lifting heavy objects to give the incision sites time to heal completely. To lessen swelling, individuals should maintain a head position elevated and apply cold packs to the treatment region. To aid in recovery, they ought to have a nutritious diet and drink plenty of water. To track the recovery process and guarantee a positive outcome, it’s crucial to show up to all planned follow-up sessions with the surgeon. The individuals can slowly resume regular activities as advised by their doctor throughout the recovery time, which typically lasts several weeks.

Cost of Chin Liposuction:

The price of the surgery depends on the surgeon’s experience, the clinic’s location, the extent of fat that needs to be removed, and any other costs like facility fees, anesthesia, and post-operative care. Chin surgery costs between AED 6,999 and AED 15,999 on average in the Australia, however, they can vary depending on the aforementioned criteria.

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