Buttock Lift in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah Butt Lift Reduction Cost

Saggy buttocks can be caused by several factors, including the ageing process, heredity, weight changes, and UV exposure. Buttock lift surgery can assist to address these difficulties and give the buttocks a more youthful and toned appearance. At our clinic, we have highly skilled surgeons with creative abilities to conduct the Buttock Lift in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah and provide you with the best results possible. 

What is Buttock Lift?

It is a cosmetic surgical technique that involves the removal of extra skin and fat from the buttocks as well as the lifting and reshaping of the remaining tissue to achieve a more toned and elevated appearance. The operation, which is frequently combined with additional surgeries such as a tummy tuck or thigh lift, can be performed utilising a variety of techniques, including standard surgery and fat transfer. 

Good Candidate for the Butt Lift:

A plastic surgeon during the consultation time will examine your targeted area and will ask about your desired outcomes and medical history to evaluate that you are the right candidate for the Butt lift. If you want to restore the youthful shape of your butt or add volume to your butt cheeks, a butt lift may be right for you. You can be ideal for the butt lift surgery if you have any of the following concerns:

  • You have drooping skin around your buttocks.
  • Excessive weight loss causes your buttocks to droop or flatten.
  • You have substantial fat deposits, which create mobility issues.
  • Your hips are either too little or too large for your body form.
  • You are a generally healthy individual who does not smoke.
  • You do not have hyperglycemia or any bleeding issues.
  • You want your lower body to look good.


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Benefits of Butt Lift:

The advantages of buttock lift surgery vary according to the individual and the technique performed, however, some of the potential advantages include the:

  • It gives the appearance of being more toned and elevated.
  • It can improve your body’s general balance and proportion by generating a more harmonious silhouette.
  • It boosts self-esteem and body image, giving them more confidence in their appearance.
  • Sagging skin in the buttocks can be tightened and raised, giving you a younger appearance.
  • Clothes may fit better and be more flattering after buttock lift surgery, allowing you to feel more at ease and secure in your clothing choices.

How to Prepare for the Butt Lift?

Your surgeon will give you instructions on how to prepare the body for the Butt Lift in Dubai & Abu Dhabi after taking into consideration your medical history. Following are the basic instructions given by the best surgeons:

  • Stop taking blood thinning medication or herbal supplement
  • Quit smoking two weeks before the surgery to ensure a smooth surgery
  • Follow a healthy life routine and keep yourself hydrated
  • On the day of the treatment come wearing loose clothing

Treatment Procedure of Buttock Lift:

There are two treatment techniques by which you can get a buttock lift. The surgeon will discuss your desired body goals and will suggest the best treatment options. The two methods are Surgical Buttock lift and the BBL which is not a surgical method. 

The buttock-lift treatment, also known as a gluteal lift, is usually recommended for people who have lost buttock volume and/or tone and have drooping or loose extra skin in the buttock area. During this surgical procedure, the surgeon will make an incision on the targeted area and will remove the excess skin and tissues from the area after getting the desired shape of the buttock he will close the incision with sutures.

During the BBL ( Brazilian Butt Lift) the fat is collected from any part of the body through liposuction and is transferred into the injections. After that, the surgeon will numb the buttock area to avoid discomfort and will inject the fats at certain points of the buttocks to achieve that fuller look. 

What to Expect After the Procedure?

You will have swelling and some discomfort after the Buttock Lift if you do not wear compression clothes. Rest for a few days, but bear in mind that walking for 20 to 30 minutes every day throughout the recovery period is vital to promote blood flow. The surgeon will instruct you not to extend or apply pressure to the treatment area, as this can lead to serious problems. If you have a history of blood clots, your doctor will prescribe specific drugs. Sleeping on your back can interfere with the desired results. 

Cost of Buttock Lift:

The Buttock Lift in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah is a less expensive procedure as compared to other surgical procedures. The cost of treatment ranges from 8000 AED to 25,000 AED. Every patient has a different goal and skin condition so during the consultation time the surgeon will examine your condition and will tell you the exact cost of the treatment. 

Final Thoughts!

If you prefer a toned, smoother buttock appearance, the Buttock Lift at the Esthetic Clinic is for you. We have a highly skilled team that will inspect your skin and treat it in the most effective way possible.