Front Line Hair Fixing in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah Cost & Offers

What if I told you that you could get your confidence back in just a few hours? What if I told you that you could have a full head of hair and a natural-looking hairline without any surgery or invasive procedures? It may sound too good to be true, but with Front Line Hair Fixing in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah it’s not just a dream, but a reality. No longer do you have to struggle with hair loss or the anxiety that comes with it? With this innovative treatment, you can restore your hairline and regain your confidence in no time. Imagine waking up each morning with a full head of hair and looking in the mirror with pride. It’s time to stop dreaming and start living the dream.

What’s The Treatment?

This therapy is a real piece of art rather than simply another hair restoration technique. It’s a hair-fixing method that does more than just conceal hair loss; instead, it generates a natural-looking forehead that enhances your characteristics and sense of style. This procedure can assist you to recover your hairstyle and regain your dignity if you have baldness or a receding hairline as a result of aging, illness, or other circumstances. To get a natural-looking forehead that merges smoothly with your natural hair, it entails either attaching a bespoke hairpiece to the front hairline or transferring hair follicles there. With this, you may experience a full head of hair and a forehead that appears and feels absolutely natural.


Surgical repair produces long-lasting results, and realistic-looking. The hairline is restored, and patients can feel more confident. People may anticipate a significant enhancement in their looks and life in general for a very long period with the right care and attention.

Front Line Hair Fixing in Dubai Best Front Line Hair Fixing Clinic in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Front Line Hair Fixing Clinic in Abu Dhabi

Front Line Hair Fixing Clinic in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Best Front Line Hair Fixing Clinic in Dubai Best Front Line Hair Fixing in Dubai

Advantages And Risks:


  • It aids in restoring a natural-looking forehead, restoring the patient’s self-esteem and dignity.
  • The therapy provides a long-lasting solution to baldness that doesn’t require continuing upkeep or substitution, in contrast to non-surgical hair restoration techniques like wigs or hair extensions.
  • Every patient has a different pattern of hair loss, and the treatment considers this by designing a hairline that matches each customer’s particular traits and aesthetic preferences.
  • Restoring growth to the scalp enhances scalp health and lowers the likelihood of developing certain diseases like dandruff or dryness.
  • A more natural, younger appearance may be achieved with Front Line Hair Fixing in Dubai & Abu Dhabi by enhancing the symmetry of the entire face with a natural-looking hairline.


  • There is a chance of bleeding during the surgery, just like with any surgical treatment.
  • Another potential danger is an infection, which may be reduced by selecting a skilled and knowledgeable expert and strictly adhering to their post-operative instructions.
  • Despite attempts to prevent scarring, some patients may develop scars as a result of the treatment. These scars, though, are normally not too noticeable and may be covered up as the hair regrows.


Before determining the severity of the loss of hair, the doctor will first evaluate the patient’s trend of baldness. Based on this evaluation, the specialist will go over the potential treatment alternatives with the patient and assist them in making the best decision.

  • The doctor will sedate the hairline with a local anesthetic to make the treatment comfortable.
  • To place the hair cells, the surgeon will make a little pocket at the front forehead. Often, a blade or other specialized surgical instrument is used to make the puncture.
  • The expert will extract hair strands roots from the donating location using a punching instrument. After that, the hair follicles are gathered and prepped for transplanting.
  • The hairs will be gently inserted through the front forehead incisions by the professional. The placement of the hair shaft results in a hairline that seems genuine.
  • The doctor will gently seal the wounds with stitches or medical-grade glue after every one of the hairs has been implanted.

Specific post-operative guidelines, such as how to take care of the implanted region and how to handle any pain, will be provided to the patient. To make sure that the hairline that was implanted is growing properly, the individual must also go to follow-up sessions.


To get the finest outcomes from your surgical Front Line Hair Restoration procedure, you must recuperate properly. Patients must follow appropriate the post-operative guidance provided by the expert, take measures to promote general health and well-being, and show up for all scheduled follow-up sessions to assist this process. Stress reduction and good hair development may both be aided by eating a balanced diet, drinking lots of water, and practicing relaxation exercises. Together with avoiding intense activity, it’s crucial to shield the transplanted region from hot and cold temperatures as well as direct sunlight. Clients may anticipate having natural-looking hair and increased self-confidence with the right maintenance.


Many variables, including the degree of hair loss, the number of hair follicles to be implanted, and the clinic’s locale, might affect the price of surgical Front Line Hair Fixing in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah. The price may often range from AED ___ to AED __. Based on your unique hair loss problem, the specialist can accurately estimate the cost of the therapy during the appointment.

How to Find the Right Provider:

While receiving therapy, choosing the correct physician is essential. An untrained practitioner may provide disappointing outcomes and inconveniences, but a qualified and experienced expert can assure a smooth and effective treatment. The top surgeons with extensive training and expertise in surgical Hair Fixing are available at the Esthetic Clinic in Dubai. For each customer, our professionals employ cutting-edge methods and tools to guarantee a hairline that looks natural and achieves the best results. To meet each client’s unique needs during the whole treatment process, we also offer individualized care and assistance. Choosing to receive therapy from us is the ideal course of action for people who wish to experience the greatest outcomes and a newfound sense of self-worth.

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