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Nowadays everyone wants to look young, beautiful, and attractive. It is also seen that people in their early 20s have all that glow and lifted face but with every passing year, the skin becomes less elastic and starts to appear droopy and saggy. If this is your skin concern and you want a less invasive and non-surgical way to look younger and for a lifted face then the Magic Facelift in Dubai & Abu Dhabi is the procedure that can benefit you with a very less recovery time. Within a few treatment sessions, your skin will transform completely and your flawless skin dream will also come true. The magic facelift will rejuvenate your skin and will also minimise the fine lines and wrinkles which is making you look dull and unattractive.

What is a Magic Facelift?

Magic facelift is the most advanced and modern cosmetic procedure which is non-invasive and it gives you a contoured look. In a magic facelift, the dermatologist uses different types of techniques such as chemical peels, botox, dermal fillers, and laser resurfacing. The skin expert will discuss the procedure with the patient and you can select any type of treatment procedure depending on your skin requirement. Usually, some people also undergo the neck lift procedure with the magic facelift to get a younger and enhanced look. This facelift procedure will give you amazing results without any pain or surgery.

Results of Magic Facelift Dubai:

The results of the magic facelift will appear after a few weeks as the skin will take some time to transform into its best version. Some patients may see the results in one or two sessions or some require more than this, but once you have achieved the results then it will last for a year. The results also depend on the type of Facelift Treatment procedure selected. It will be best if you choose the best skin expert for the cosmetic procedure. You will love the results of a magic facelift as your skin will renew and will become smooth and glowing. 

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  • It will reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • It will improve the facial volume and will add fullness to the face
  • You will get an improved skin texture and tone
  • There is minimal or no downtime required for healing
  • It has fewer chances of complications than other facelift procedures
  • It will contour your facial features in a painless way
  • The results will last for a long time without any side effects
  • It is a low-cost treatment method

Treatment Options for Magic Facelift:

There are a variety of options for a Magic facelift in Dubai & Abu Dhabi at the Esthetic Clinic, we have expert skin doctors who will examine your skin and will ask for your required results, and then will suggest you the treatment type. Following are the procedure carried out at our clinic:

Botox Injections:

Botox is a non-surgical facelift procedure whose results will last for a few months. Before starting the procedure the skin expert will numb the area and will apply the Botox injections at specific areas of the face. Botox will give you a lifted look and will also remove wrinkles and fine lines and give fullness and freshness to the face.

Dermal Fillers:

Different types of Dermal fillers are used for treating different types of cosmetic concerns. The procedure of dermal fillers is simple as the doctor will apply numbing cream before starting the procedure and will inject the fillers with great care and expertise. After getting a few sessions of dermal fillers you will notice the amazing results.

Laser Resurfacing Therapy:

Laser skin resurfacing is a painless and non-surgical way to give you an uplifted look. During the procedure, the laser is directed towards the problematic area and it will reduce the wrinkles and fine lines. 


Microdermabrasion is the best way to get an instant facelift. During the microdermabrasion, the skin expert uses a special device to remove the dead skin cells and the outer damaged layer of the skin. This amazing procedure is also used to treat acne, sun spots, and other skin problems in a very short time.

Recovery and Aftercare Instructions:

The healing time after a Magic Facelift in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah depends on the type of treatment procedure selected. But you should know that the recovery time is very minimal, but during this time make sure you take care of your skin properly. The dermatologist will give you instructions by which you get the best outcomes in less time. Following are some aftercare instructions which is good to follow:

  • If you notice any pain then use the prescribed medications
  • Do not touch your face with dirty hands as it can cause an allergic reaction
  • Do not use makeup products for a few days
  • If you notice any swelling then use the cold compresses
  • Do not introduce any new skin care product for one week

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