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Many people suffer balding at the top of their head, or the “hair crown,” at some point in their lives, especially those who have a family history of hair loss. By moving the extra hairs from the sides and back of the head, hair transplant surgery can be used to restore hair in the crown. At our clinic, we use the latest techniques for Crown Hair Transplants in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. The transplantation procedure at the crown area is a little complex but if the procedure is performed by a professional then it will give the best outcomes. 

What is a Crown Hair Transplant?

A crown hair transplant is a surgical procedure and it is the same as a normal hair transplant but this region requires more hair grafts. In this procedure, the surgeon uses the FUE technique to remove healthy hair follicles and transplant them into the crown area with care. After some time the transplanted hair will fall off and new hair will start to grow. This technique gives natural and permanent results. As hair loss at the crown area occurs in different patterns, a highly skilled surgeon is required to perform the procedure to give natural results to the patients.  

Symptoms of Hair loss at the Crown Area:

If you are experiencing baldness in the crown area then the following can be the symptoms of it:

  • A receding hairline
  • The partitions are becoming wider
  • The hair is becoming fine and sensitive in the crown region
  • Hair is more prone to breakage at the crown area

If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms then it’s time to consult the dermatologist or the hair transplant surgeon. So that he will determine the cause of hair loss early and will save you from permanent baldness.


It is observed that the patients get the results of this hair transplant after a few months. Within 4 to 5 months the transplanted hair will fall which will become darkened with time, the time to get the results also depends on the growth of the hair of the patients. If the person’s hair grows at a faster rate then the results will appear in less time and if a person’s hair grows at a slow rate then it can take up to a year to get the results.

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Good Candidate For the Crown Hair Transplant:

Those who are experiencing continuous hair loss from their vertex are ideal candidates for hair transplant treatment. You are the ideal candidate for the crown hair transplant if:

  • You are having baldness after having chemotherapy
  • Anyone with a realistic approach and treatment expectations
  • You are embarrassed by your hair loss at the crown
  • Your hair quality and texture are becoming worse
  • Your age should be above 25
  • Your physical and mental health are both good
  • You have a healthy donor area

Crown Hair Transplant Procedure:

The Crown Hair Transplant in Dubai & Abu Dhabi is usually performed by using the FUE technique, before starting the procedure the surgeon first cleans the donor area to avoid infection, and after that, he numbs the area using local anaesthesia. After that, he shaves the donor area to extract the hair follicles. The hair follicles are extracted with the help of a micro punching tool and after that, the surgeons prepare the hair grafts to implant them at the crown area. The surgeon will then make a tiny incision using the needle on the recipient area and will implant the hair depending on the direction of the hair growth for natural results. Do not worry about the pain as you will remain comfortable during the whole procedure. The time for performing the procedure depends on the severity of the baldness and the desired goals of the patients. 

Recovery and Post-Care Instructions:

The recovery time after a crown hair transplant is one or two weeks. Right after the hair transplant, you will feel pain so to avoid pain you should take painkillers. For successful results make sure you follow the doctor’s instructions. Some basic post-care instructions are as follows:

  • Do not take blood thinning medication as it can cause bleeding
  • If you feel itching then avoid rubbing as it can cause skin infection
  • Keep the area clean and avoid bathing for 2 days after the surgery
  • Quit smoking as it can delay the recovery process
  • Take the medications on time to recover timely
  • Go for the follow-up appointments to avoid complication

What is the Price of a Crown Hair Transplant?

When you are going for a hair transplant you must be thinking about the cost of the crown hair transplant. The average price of Crown Hair Transplant in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah starts from 7000 AED. The price will increase and depend on the qualification of the surgeon, the location of the clinic, and desired goals of the patient.

Why Choose Us?

As crown hair transplant is a little complex surgical procedure as compared to other types of hair transplant so a skilled surgeon is required so that he performs the procedure effectively to give you natural results. Esthetic Clinic has highly skilled staff and surgeons so you can trust our clinic blindly. So do not wait anymore and book an appointment with us by filling out the form.