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Humanity has been captivated by the search for everlasting youth for generations. People have looked for many ways to maintain their young looks, from mystical elixirs to tales about fountains of youth. However, Facelift Surgery in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah is arguably the most promising answer for the unavoidable symptoms of aging. This cutting-edge method has completely changed the way we think about aging by providing a potent weapon to turn back the hands of time and rejuvenate our features. It is a game-changing treatment that has drawn the interest of numerous people all over the world due to its capacity to reduce wrinkles, Tighten loose skin, and sculpt a more youthful face shape.

Results of Facelift Surgery:

After the procedure, extraordinary results are experienced. As sagging skin tightens and wrinkles fade, a more youthful appearance is seen. A revitalized, lively appearance and restored confidence are reflected in the mirror.

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Key Advantages:

  • Restore a younger, more rejuvenated appearance by taking care of jowls, sagging skin, and wrinkles.
  • Realize a delicate, natural alteration while retaining your facial traits.
  • Enjoy long-lasting effects as the tightened and elevated face tissues continue to look young for years.
  • Increased self-assurance and general well-being, as well as comfort and satisfaction with your renewed appearance.
  • By treating the entire face, including the jawline, cheeks, and neck, you may achieve a balanced and aesthetically pleasing facial appearance.

Right Candidate for Facelift:

  • Typical characteristics of ideal applicants include drooping skin, severe wrinkles, Magic facelift or a loss of facial volume.
  • Candidates should be in good general health and should not have any illnesses that might impede recovery after surgery.
  • The best candidates are those who have reasonable expectations for the results of the procedure and are aware that while it may improve their looks, it won’t fully alter their lives or address all of their difficulties.
  • Smoking can hinder recovery and raise the risk of problems, thus people should refrain from smoking.
  • Candidates should be emotionally ready for the procedure and well aware of the treatment including its risks, procedure, and recuperation period.


During the first appointment with the surgeon, the individual undergoing surgery and the surgeon engage in a discussion to discuss the patient’s desires and goals. The surgeon pays close attention to the patient’s demands and worries to fully comprehend them. They offer professional advice by outlining the many methods and choices available to achieve the desired result. The surgeon establishes reasonable expectations and answers any queries or concerns the patient may have.


  • Prioritize a healthy diet and consistent exercise before the treatment to enhance general well-being.
  • As instructed by the surgeon, avoid using drugs and supplements that might make you more prone to bleeding.
  • Quit smoking and stay away from nicotine-containing goods to promote ideal recovery and reduce problems.
  • To guarantee a safe experience of Facelift Surgery in Dubai & Abu Dhabi tell the surgeon about any current drugs and any known allergies.

Surgery Procedure at the Esthetic Clinic:

Pre-operative evaluations are carried out, which might involve taking pictures, identifying the incision lines, and going through the surgical strategy with the patient. To assure the patient’s comfort and safety throughout the treatment, anesthesia is given to them. Both general anesthesia and local anesthesia with sedation may be employed, depending on the circumstances.

  • Incisions are meticulously made by the surgeon by a specified design and are frequently concealed inside the hairline or other natural facial creases. There are two common alternatives for incisions:
  • Traditional facelift incisions: Beginning at the temples, running along the hairline, and terminating behind the ears.
  • Restricted incisions: Shorter incisions are confined to particular locations, such as the micro facelift or mid-facial rejuvenation methods.
  • To access the deeper layers of the face, the surgeon delicately raises the skin and tissue underneath. The depth of tissue dissecting may vary based on the technique being performed.
  • To regain a younger-looking shape, the underlying face muscles and tissues are tightened and realigned. This action helps to treat loose skin, Neck Lift, deep facial wrinkles, and jowl drooping.
  • To ensure a natural and balanced look, any extra skin is carefully cut away. Depending on each patient’s particular requirements and intended results, the quantity of skin removal varies.

Sutures or skin adhesives are used to seal the wounds carefully. Minimal scarring and optimum healing are the objectives. To cover the wounds and support the areas that have just undergone surgery, the surgical team may use bandages or dressings. This lessens bruising and swelling.


Rest well and give your body time to recover after surgery. Avoid heavy activity, and take time off as your surgeon advises. Follow the care instructions provided carefully, keeping the incisions clean and dry to avoid infections. To lessen any discomfort following surgery, it is also important to take the recommended painkillers as instructed by the doctor. Observe the pain-management regimen as advised by the surgeon. Attending all the follow-up appointments can ensure a speedy recovery and avoid any risk of complications.

Cost of Facelift in Dubai UAE:

The cost of the therapy varies based on several variables. The geographic location of the clinic, the surgeon’s experience and reputation, the complexity of the surgery, any extra treatments or procedures used, and any necessary post-operative care are all factors that affect the cost. On average the cost of the treatment may range from AED 5,999 to AED 16,999.


Mild side effects might appear as brief swelling and discoloration in the treated region, although these symptoms usually go away within a few weeks. Some people could notice momentary changes in feeling, mainly at the incision sites, such as numbness or increased sensitivity. As the nerves gradually recover, these feelings often go away.

The Takeaway:

The operation provides the chance to turn back the hands of time and reveal a revitalized and confident version of oneself thanks to its transforming potential. 

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