Laser Treatment for Face in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah Esthetic Clinic

Imagine a setting where a specific type of light may enhance the appearance of your face. It works like a wonderful spell to remove scars and wrinkles, leaving your skin radiant and lovely. Laser Treatment for Face in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah is the name of this wonderful technique. It is like an artist employing light beams to create a masterpiece on your skin. Your face appears vibrant and young as wrinkles and scars vanish. It gives you the ability to reshape your identity and control your fate. It inspires you to embrace a fresh sense of self-assurance as you enter the world bright and rejuvenated, free of the constraints that formerly defined you.

Why Lasers?

The fundamental goal of laser therapy is to unleash the healing potential of light, reviving the skin and resolving certain issues. It aims to reduce wrinkles, scars, and uneven pigmentation while encouraging the creation of collagen for better firmness and elasticity. The ultimate objective of the therapy is to reveal a more young, bright, and revitalized complexion, giving people the confidence to embrace their real beauty.


Discover the amazing effects of laser treatment, where scars and wrinkles disappear to reveal younger-looking, smoother skin. Your complexion will start to change after a few weeks of treatment, with the best effects frequently coming after a series of sessions. It allows individuals to reap the benefits of the treatment for a prolonged length of time.

What Conditions are Treated With Lasers?

  • acne scarring
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Sunspots and hyperpigmentation
  • Rosacea with the color red
  • Uneven skin texture and tone
  • Vascular lesions as well as birthmarks
  • removal of tattoos
  • removing hair
  • Skin firming
  • Stretch marks and scars

Ideal Contenders:

  • Skin that is between fair and medium in tone, allowing the laser to efficiently target
  • General health, as a healthy body, encourages greater recovery and the best outcomes.
  • Realistic expectations and knowledge of the potential benefits of laser therapy
  • Nonsmokers or those who are willing to abstain from smoking during the healing process because smoking might slow the procedure down
  • Willingness to follow pre- and post-treatment care instructions carefully to achieve the greatest results
  • Individuals who can benefit from laser therapy for certain skin issues including creases, acne scars, or hyperpigmentation


  • Your skin seems luminous and rejuvenated, as though a curtain has been lifted, revealing a brilliant and young appearance.
  • It eliminates wrinkles, scars, and inconsistent texture to reveal a beautiful canvas that radiates confidence.
  • It successfully removes sunspots, discoloration, and uneven pigmentation, restoring a smooth and young face.
  • The potent magic of laser radiation promotes collagen formation, improving the suppleness and firmness of the skin, giving it a more lifted and youthful look.
  • Providing a personalized approach that is catered to your particular skin difficulties, opens the door to focused remedies and ensures outstanding and distinctive outcomes.

Initial Consultation:

The skin expert meets with the individual for the initial appointment for Laser Treatment for Face in Dubai & Abu Dhabi to evaluate their skin conditions and go through possible treatments. They could inquire about the individual’s medical background, examine the patient’s face, and respond to any inquiries or concerns that the patient might have.

Instructions for Preparation Given by the Skin Specialist:

  • For at least two weeks previous to the therapy, stay out of the sun and tanning booths.
  • Stop using any drugs or skin care products that can make your skin more sensitive or interfere with your therapy.
  • If required, shave the region being treated area because some laser procedures could call for a hair-free surface.
  • In the days before the treatment, keep the skin moisturized and clean.
  • Bring a clean, makeup-free face to the clinic.

How is It Done At Esthetic Clinic?

The individual will be instructed to carefully clean their face before the process starts in a comfortable treatment room. Additionally, they could be given specialized eye protection like pads or goggles to wear. A numbing lotion may be used on the face to make the procedure more bearable. It takes some time for it to start doing its magic and lessen the sensitivity of the skin.

The best kind of laser will be chosen by the particular requirements of the patient. Different lasers can treat diverse skin issues and serve different objectives. To make sure the laser is perfectly suited for the patient, the healthcare expert will alter the settings. The best outcomes are made achievable with the aid of this customization.

The medical expert will gently treat the face with the portable laser instrument. The laser produces strong light bursts that do wonders for the skin, addressing particular problems or reviving a general look.

The patient can experience warmth, tingling, or little pain throughout the procedure. But do not worry; to keep them at ease, cooling equipment or cold air is frequently employed. The medical practitioner may use the laser to specifically target certain locations to provide more care where it is most needed. For thorough coverage, they could additionally go over the entire face one more.

After the treatment, the medical expert could use mild lotions, ointments, or cooling masks to soothe the skin and lessen any redness or irritation.

Recuperation and Aftercare:

The skin may undergo brief transformations during this period and need specific care. Like a tiny butterfly emerging from its cocoon, the patient can anticipate some redness, little swelling, and perhaps sensitivity. The skin specialist gives the patient post-operative care advice to guarantee a quick recovery and the best outcomes. These guidelines might include gently cleansing the area being treated with light cleansers, preventing direct sunlight exposure, applying calming moisturizers or ointments, avoiding abrasive skincare products, and shielding the newly treated skin with sunscreen.

Sessions Required:

Depending on each patient’s demands and intended results, a different number of sessions may be necessary for laser therapy. Our skilled specialists will evaluate your unique needs and suggest the ideal amount of sessions for the best outcomes.


The price of laser therapy can vary depending on several variables, including the kind of laser used, the part of the face that is being treated, and the clinic or skin expert that is selected. Its complexity, the number of sessions required, and any other services picked might further affect the entire cost. On average Laser Treatment for Face in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah may range from AED ___ to AED ___.


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