Buffalo Hump Removal in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah Esthetic Clinic

Have you ever thought about what secrets our physical forms hide under the surface? Imagine for a minute the appeal of an intriguing enigma that sits on our shoulders, subtly changing the narrative we tell the world. Imagine being able to reveal the secrets, let go of the burden of self-consciousness, and embrace a profound transformation. Discover the world of Buffalo Hump Removal in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah an extraordinary journey that aims to rethink ideas of beauty, recover self-confidence, and reveal a place where burdens are lifted and spirits soar. Enter this astonishing scenario where master craftsmen use their tools like magic wands to reshape not only the physical shapes of the body but also the very essence of the person.

Aim of the Treatment:

The surgery’s primary goal is to release people from the weight of a noticeable hump, regain their balance and confidence, and enable them to accept their true selves with a sense of renewed freedom.


Surgery to remove the buffalo hump has dramatic effects. Eliminating the noticeable hump results in a more proportional and balanced look. Along with physical improvements, people frequently perceive an increase in self-confidence and an improvement in their self-image. Without the obstruction of the hump, clothing fits more easily, providing a wider variety of aesthetic options. Additionally, posture and general comfort may both improve.

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  • The procedure makes the body contour more even and appealing, which enhances the overall appearance.
  • Getting over the hump frequently increases self-assurance, helping people to feel more at ease and confident in their skin, which may have a positive effect on a variety of facets of life.
  • The absence of the hump increases the range of clothing possibilities since without the hump, clothes fit better and feel more natural.
  • It may result in better posture since the neck and upper back are no longer pulled forward by the hump’s weight and mass, allowing for a more upright stance.
  • The procedure can significantly improve emotional health by reducing self-consciousness and enabling people to accept their genuine selves without being constrained by the hump.

Am I Good Enough to Have This Treatment?

Here are five qualities that distinguish the best candidates:

  • The presence of a distinct and noticeable buffalo hump raises serious aesthetic issues
  • General good physical condition, no underlying illnesses that might put patients in danger during surgery
  • Stable weight, as changes in weight might impact the procedure’s long-term outcomes
  • Realistic expectations for the procedure’s results, as well as knowledge of its constraints
  • Willingness to follow pre-and post-operative care guidelines, including lifestyle changes and follow-up sessions, to get the best outcomes of the Buffalo Hump Removal in Dubai & Abu Dhabi.


  • Obesity or weight gain over time may play a role in its development.
  • The development of it can result from conditions like Cushing’s syndrome or long-term usage of corticosteroids that alter hormone levels.
  • It may be more likely to develop in some people due to genetic predisposition.
  • It can also be a symptom of some medical diseases, such as lipodystrophy, that are characterized by improper fat distribution.
  • As we grow older, our bodies fat distribution may alter, which might result in its development  

Consultation and Pre-Op Guidelines:

The patient meets with the surgeon for an initial consultation to go through their concerns and expectations for the procedure. The surgeon does a thorough physical examination, carefully considers the patient’s medical history, and, if required, may ask for more testing. The patient can decide at this session whether they are a good candidate for the procedure. The surgeon could give the following preparation advice:

  • Avoiding drugs that might make you more prone to bleeding, such as blood thinners.
  • Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol since they might slow down the healing process.
  • Before the procedure, you must fast for a set amount of time to guarantee an empty stomach.
  • Observing certain skincare recommendations, such as avoiding sun exposure and utilizing suggested moisturizers or cleansers.

How is it Done at Esthetic Clinic?

  • Depending on the surgeon’s recommendation, the individual is given medicine to either put them to sleep or numb the region.
  • Inconspicuous incisions are made by the surgeon all over the buffalo hump region.
  • The surgeon trims the buffalo hump’s extra fat using specialized methods. It could be removed surgically along with any extra skin and tissue, or it might be suctioned out using a small tube.
  • To obtain the required form and symmetry, the surgeon gently molds the residual tissue. The wounds are then stitched or secured using medical adhesives.
  • The patient is transferred to a recovery area so they can wake up and be closely watched after sterile cloths are placed to preserve the wounds.
  • The patient receives guidance on how to take care of wounds and manage discomfort after surgery. Once they satisfy the requirements, they are released, and a follow-up visit could be planned.

Post-Op Care Instructions:

Following the surgeon’s recommendations for post-operative care is crucial during the healing period to ensure a quick and effective recovery. Following are some suggestions:

  • Recognize the restorative effect of rest and give your body the time it requires to recover and rebuild its strength.
  • As directed by the physician, take good care of your incision sites by keeping them clean, dry, and protected.
  • By taking prescription drugs as instructed and seeking advice if necessary, stay proactive in treating any discomfort.
  • Avoid physical labor-intensive tasks and hard lifting so that the healing tissues have enough time to repair.


Several variables might affect how much the Buffalo Hump Removal in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah costs. The precise location of the clinic, the complexity of the treatment, the surgeon’s experience and reputation, the type of anesthesia needed, and any further tests or procedures that could be required are some of these factors.  

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