Laser Stretch Marks Removal Treatment in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Price & Deals

Are you prepared to say goodbye to those enduring imprints that reflect the chapters of your life’s adventure on your skin? Imagine a world where the lines that formerly delineated your body’s growth are gone, as if they never existed, leaving you with a blank slate to paint your own story on. Discover the world of laser-powered Stretch Marks Removal in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah a ground-breaking procedure that promises to improve your skin and boost your confidence. Stretch marks will no longer be a burden on you since this amazing technology shows you the way to renewed self-love and confidence. Join us on an exciting journey as we explore the wonders of this special therapy and illuminate future opportunities.

Main Goal:

The goal of laser stretch mark removal therapy is to revitalize your skin while eradicating those bothersome marks and restoring a uniform, perfect appearance. This technique encourages the creation of collagen in your skin, helping it to mend and renew by using the potency of advanced lasers. The ultimate goal is to reduce or get rid of those unwanted stretch marks, allowing you to feel secure and enjoy your body without fear.


The marks are reduced in appearance and skin texture is improved after the therapy. The length of results and the amount of time needed for ultimate visibility varies, necessitating repeated sessions with weeks and months of incremental progress being noticed.


  • Stretch marks can considerably lighten or even disappear with this treatment, giving your skin a smoother, more even tone.
  • The technique promotes a healthier and more youthful appearance by stimulating collagen formation, which helps with skin regeneration.
  • With no need for surgery, it is a non-invasive therapy option with less discomfort and recovery time.
  • Stretch marks may be targeted precisely, providing successful therapy while sparing the skin around them.
  • The effects last a long time, giving people newfound confidence and the ability to love their bodies without being concerned about having noticeable stretch marks.

Ideal Contenders:

  • Those who have stretch marks on their skin.
  • Those who have reasonable hopes for how the therapy will turn out.
  • Nonsmokers or individuals who are prepared to give up smoking throughout therapy.
  • Those who are in good general health and don’t have any underlying illnesses that might slow the healing process.
  • People who are not currently nursing or pregnant.
  • Those who are dedicated to adhering to the post-treatment care recommendations made by the healthcare provider.


The individual has an initial appointment with a skin expert who examines their particular condition, talks with them about their expectations for the therapy, and checks their general appropriateness for the operation. The professional may inspect the markings, enquire about the patient’s medical history, and describe the course of therapy. Additionally, preparation guidelines are included, which might include:

  • Before the treatment, stay away from tanning beds and heavy sun exposure.
  • Stop using creams or lotions topically in the treatment area.
  • To make laser application easier, shave or clip any hair that is close to the stretch marks.
  • Avoid using supplements or drugs that might thin the blood and raise the risk of bleeding.
  • To guarantee that the treatment is applied well, come to the appointment with clean, makeup-free skin.

How is it Done at Esthetic Clinic?

The skin of the individual is thoroughly cleaned and prepped, making sure it is free of any products like lotions or oils. The patient is given specialized eyewear to shield their eyes from the laser light for the Stretch Marks Removal in Dubai & Abu Dhabi.

  • The patient’s skin type and the particular stretch marks that need to be treated are taken into account when calibrating and adjusting the laser equipment.
  • The laser is applied by the medical practitioner with extreme accuracy, providing regulated bursts of light and energy to encourage collagen formation and skin renewal.
  • During the process, the patient can feel a slight warm or tingling feeling, but it’s usually not uncomfortable.
  • The procedure is completed once all the targeted locations have been treated, and a medical professional assess the preliminary outcomes.
  • In addition to receiving any required post-treatment instructions or recommendations, the patient is given plenty of time to relax and recuperate in the treatment room.

The patient can get dressed and leave the clinic to go home after the necessary recuperation time.


Patients may notice little warmth or redness in the treated regions, although this normally goes away quickly. Skin experts give post-procedure care advice that includes the following:

  • Adopt the practice of gentle care by keeping the area being treated clean and avoiding undue rubbing or touching.
  • Use a nutritious lotion or ointment that your doctor has recommended to care for your skin and promote healing.
  • Protect the newly discovered beauty of your skin from the sun’s rays by dressing in light, loose clothing or using sunscreen to prevent damaging UV exposure.
  • Avoid physically demanding activities or workouts that might lead to unneeded sweating or aggravation of the treated region to show your body some soft love.

Treatment Alternatives UAE 2023:


In this procedure, tiny needles are used to inflict small, controlled wounds on the skin. Stretch marks are less noticeable as a result of the procedure’s stimulation of collagen synthesis and skin renewal. By inducing the body’s natural healing process, microneedling can enhance the skin’s texture and appearance.

Chemical Peels: 

A chemical solution is applied to the skin during the treatment, which exfoliates the skin’s outer layer and promotes the formation of new, smoother skin. By encouraging skin renewal and enhancing the general tone and texture of the skin, this therapy can help lessen the appearance of these marks.


This procedure uses a portable instrument to exfoliate the top layer of skin. To remove dead skin cells and encourage cell turnover, small crystals are sprayed onto the skin’s surface and then sucked away. It may help skin seem smoother and more even by boosting skin renewal and collagen production.


The total cost is calculated by taking into consideration the complexity of the marks, the dimension of the treatment region, and the number of sessions necessary. In addition, the cost may also be influenced by the clinic’s location and the doctor’s level of experience. On average it may cost from AED ___ to AED ___ per session. However, It is advised to speak with a reputable skin specialist who will examine your issue and provide you with a detailed cost breakdown to get an exact estimate that is suited to your particular needs.

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