Post Surgical Scars Treatment in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Esthetic Clinic

Skin is our largest organ which protects our internal body, and the skin is covered by a piece of clothing. When anything happens to the piece of clothing any tear or damage then our look is affected and we feel less confident about ourselves. Imagine that after a surgical procedure, our skin responds to the procedure and starts to recover while forming a scar on the skin surface. This can have a bad impact on the life of the person and his self-esteem is also lowered by it. Sometimes the scars fade away without any treatment but some require Post Surgical Scars Treatment in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah. People who want to get rid of unsightly scars can visit our clinic for treatment. In the following article, we have discussed all about the treatment procedure from the benefits to the results. So keep reading.

What are Post Surgical Scars?

The Post Surgical Scar is formed after a procedure in which incisions are involved. The occurrence of scars after a surgical procedure is due to the formation of collagen as our body responds to the injury. When collagen forms to hold the skin and to repair body tissues a thick layer of skin is formed which is different from the normal skin appearance. 

Mostly the scars take time to go away on their own and the time for fading of scars depends on the healing power of the patient. But due to certain reasons, the scars become more prominent and their appearance is like the keloid scar. These scars look unpleasant and affect the look of the person. So to treat this issue post-surgical scar treatment is performed by the skin expert.

Right Candidate for the Treatment:

The surgeon will first diagnose the type of surgical scar and will ask about the past surgical procedure you have undergone. And after that, he will analyse your health to tell you if you can benefit from the treatment. During this time he will discuss the treatment options for the post-surgical treatment and their results. But you must fall in the candidacy criteria for the treatment. You fall in the candidacy criteria if:

  • You feel less confident about the appearance of the surgical scar
  • You are not having any skin allergy in the affected area 
  • You are not suffering from acne 
  • Your wound is fully recovered and the scar is fully mature
  • You are having positive expectations about the outcomes of the procedure
  • You are overall a healthy person and do not have any certain medical condition

Treatment for Post-Surgical Scar:

There are various treatment options for getting rid of surgical scars. The doctor will discuss the options during the consultation time so you can choose the treatment type depending on your budget and your scar condition. Following are the best  Post Surgical Scars Treatment in Dubai & Abu Dhabi for you:

  • Laser Skin Resurfacing:

Laser skin resurfacing is the best non-invasive treatment and is for the patient who is looking for a non-invasive procedure. During the laser skin resurfacing the laser device is directed towards the skin which emits high energy waves which are absorbed by the skin. The heat will promote collagen production and will peel off the skin layer which has scars on it. You will need several sessions of laser skin resurfacing to get rid of surgical scars completely.

  • Dermabrasion:

Dermabrasion is also known as dermaplaning in which the outer layer of the skin which peeled off with the help of surgical scraping. Before the procedure, the skin is cleansed to get rid of any dirt. After that a numbing cream is applied to the skin and further procedure is carried out. This procedure will even out the skin texture and will reduce the appearance of scars.

  • Skin Grafting:

People who are suffering from large surgical scars can get the skin grafting treatment. It is a little invasive procedure in which a healthy piece of the skin is removed from any part of the body which is not cosmetically important and after that, it is placed on the targeted area. During the procedure, the skin is removed from the affected area and the new skin is placed. The recovery time after the procedure is a little longer. Make sure to follow the surgeon’s instructions to get the maximum results without any complications. The results of the skin grafting treatment depend on the skills of the doctor so make sure to choose an expert surgeon.

  • Cryotherapy:

Cryotherapy is a non-invasive procedure in which the scar is frozen by applying liquid nitrogen or argon to the area. During the cryotherapy procedure, the skin expert cleanses the area and then lowers the temperature for freezing the area with liquid nitrogen. After a few days of the procedure, the scab will form which will fall after a few days. And after a few days, the appearance of a scar will fade away. In one session the whole scar will not diminish and will require a few sessions to see the outcomes.

Aftercare and Recovery:

The recovery time depends on the type of treatment selected and the healing ability of the patient. One thing which you should consider is to keep yourself calm during the recovery time as it may take some time when you will see the results. Following the doctor’s instructions is a must during this time to see the results. Following are certain guidelines that you should follow after the Post Surgical Scar treatment:

  • Add protein to your diet and use vitamin C for maximum benefits
  • Make sure to use the prescribed medication on time
  • Do not touch the treatment area frequently to avoid an allergic reaction
  • Keep your skin moisturised and hydrated 
  • Avoid exposing your skin to sunlight to avoid undesired results and tanning

Final Thoughts!

If your surgical scars are bothering you and you want to get rid of them, consider undergoing the Post Surgical Scars Treatment in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah to get clear and flawless skin. At our clinic, we have skilled and expert staff who will analyse your scar and will suggest and perform the treatment accordingly. You can book an appointment with Dr. Jamed by filling out the online consultation form and we will respond to you shortly.