Concentrated Growth Factor (CGF) Treatment in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Price

Concentrated Growth Factor in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah is a remarkable and ground-breaking medical therapy that has swept the scientific community off its feet. Imagine receiving a treatment that is so extraordinary that it appears to reveal the body’s secret superpowers, ushering in a new age of healing and regeneration. It is not simply another ordinary trearegenerative medicine. The procedure is a landmark for human innovation and determinatiotment; rather, it is a novel idea that has captivated the interest of both scientists and medical professionals, changing our perception of what is possible in the field of n in a world where the unthinkable is gradually becoming feasible.  Prepare to be astounded by the state of medicine in the future as you learn how our bodies hold the secret to this revolution.

Main Essence:

Fundamentally, CGF is a cutting-edge method that aims to make use of the body’s inherent capacity for self-healing. It concentrates and increases the potency of the body’s small proteins known as growth factors, which are essential for encouraging cell development and tissue healing. Once consumed, this potent potion acts miraculously, causing the body’s cells to renew and rejuvenate as if time had been turned back. 


The remarkable results of the therapy leave patients delighted with the changes they can see in the texture, tone, and general look of their skin. The rejuvenating benefits start to manifest barely a few weeks following the surgery. Depending on personal characteristics like skin type, lifestyle, and skincare regimen, these outcomes may last anywhere from a few months to a year for each individual. As their skin continues to gain from the regeneration benefits of the therapy over the ensuing months, patients may excitedly anticipate the complete and ideal outcomes of the procedure.


  • It increases collagen synthesis naturally, giving your skin a dramatically firmer and younger appearance.
  • The therapy’s ideal for removing scars and imperfections and restoring your skin’s faultless attractiveness.
  • The treatment’s nourishing properties help deeply hydrates your skin, revealing a luminous and healthy complexion.
  • It helps provide smoother skin as it magically reduces wrinkles and fine lines to offer a more youthful look.
  • The therapy provides a calming effect as it decreases inflammation and redness to reveal calm, even-toned skin that you’ll appreciate. 

How Do They Work?

The procedure of administering concentrated growth factors to the targeted location is the basis of the therapy. These strong growth factors, which are taken from the patient’s blood, cause the cells and tissues to rejuvenate. The therapy promotes a smoother texture, lessened scarring, and a youthful glow by enhancing collagen formation, speeding cell renewal, and assisting tissue repair.  

Ideal Candidate:

The best candidates for the therapy are those who:

  • Want to improve the appearance and feel of their skin.
  • Possess a few skin imperfections, such as scars, fine lines, or wrinkles.
  • Exhibiting or dulling of the skin.
  • Choose a non-invasive rejuvenation strategy.
  • Have realistic expectations for the outcome of the treatment.
  • Are in good general health and the operation is not contraindicated. 


The patient meets with a skin expert for an initial consultation for the treatment of Concentrated Growth Factor in Dubai & Abu Dhabi where they discuss their medical background and particular skin issues. The expert outlines the benefits, hazards, and how the treatment functions. To choose the appropriate course of action for the therapy, they thoroughly analyze the patient’s skin.

Preparatory Instructions:

The patient is given the following preparational instructions by the skin specialist:

  • For at least 24 hours before the procedure, refrain from applying any lotions or skincare items to the treatment region.
  • Follow your doctor’s instructions and cease using any supplements or drugs that might thin the blood.
  • To keep your skin less sensitive before the treatment, avoid using tanning beds or the sun for a week.
  • To ensure a risk-free and successful procedure, let the specialist know about any recent skin infections or problems in the treatment region.
  • Before the treatment, stay hydrated and eat a balanced diet to help the healing and renewal of your skin. 


  • A little sample of the patient’s blood must be taken to prepare CGF in the first place. A vein in the arm is often used for the blood draw, which is comparable to a standard blood test.
  • Once the blood has been drawn, a specialized centrifuge is used to spin it up. The blood is spun at a high speed by this machine, which causes it to split into various components according to density.
  • The blood is separated into three different layers during the centrifugation process: red blood cells are at the bottom, followed by white blood cells and platelets, and plasma is at the top.
  • The centrifuged sample is meticulously dissected, and the plasma, which has a high concentration of platelets and growth factors, is removed. Later, this plasma will be applied to the treatment.
  • Some CGF techniques involve adding an activator to the extracted plasma, such as calcium chloride or thrombin, to cause the release of growth factors from the platelets, boosting their capacity for regeneration.

Types of Application Techniques:

Depending on the individual ailment being treated, there are many CGF application techniques. The most typical approaches include:

a. Injections: 

The activated CGF is precisely injected into the desired region, such as joints, tendons, or muscles, to promote tissue repair and regeneration.

b. Topical Application: 

CGF may occasionally be used topically on the skin to speed up the healing of wounds, lessen scarring, or improve skin renewal.

c. Surgical Use: 

During some surgical operations, CGF may be directly given to the operative site to enhance tissue repair and lower risks.


Patients may notice a little redness or swelling in the treated region after the procedure, but these side effects usually go away within a few days. Patients will start to see the great outcomes of the therapy as their skin goes through a revitalizing renewal as the body’s natural healing process kicks in.


The patient is given the following post-operative care recommendations by the skin specialist:

  • Avoid vigorous rubbing or plucking in the treated area and treat your skin gently.
  • Use sunscreen with high UV protection and a protective hat to shield your skin from the sun’s rays.
  • For a few days, refrain from using hot baths, saunas, and steam rooms on your skin to help it feel refreshed.
  • To retain a healthy, dewy appearance, keep your skin moisturized using products that have been approved.
  • To achieve the greatest and most durable effects, carefully heed the specialist’s recommendations and show up for any planned follow-up appointments.


Numerous factors affect the cost of the Concentrated Growth Factor in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah. The cost is directly impacted by the treatment area’s size because larger regions can need more resources. The total cost may also vary depending on how many sessions are required to achieve the best outcomes. Additionally, the qualifications and standing of the doctor administering the treatment might be important. It is advisable to discuss specific demands and goals with the skin care expert to receive a tailored estimate.  

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