French Butt Reshaping in Dubai & Abu Dhabi French Lift for Lipo +Fat

Transform Your Curves, Transform Your Confidence

Are you tired of the same old “Brazilian Butt Lift” trend? Do you crave something truly unique and revolutionary to reshape your posterior? Enter French Butt Reshaping in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. The latest innovation in the world of aesthetic medicine. Inspired by the famously chic and effortlessly stylish French, this technique involves more than just enhancing the size of your butt. Instead, it focuses on sculpting the shape and contour of your derriere to achieve a natural, yet stunningly beautiful look that suits your body type and personal preferences.

So if you’re ready to transform your backside and unleash the full potential of your curves, it’s time to discover the beauty and elegance of this treatment. Join the countless satisfied patients who have unlocked the power of their booty and experience a whole new level of confidence and beauty.

Butt Reshaping:

French Butt Reshaping is an art form as well as a medical treatment. To produce a natural-looking shape and volume, our talented surgeons meticulously remove extra fat from other parts of the body using innovative techniques before accurately injecting it back into the buttocks. The technique aims to highlight each person’s distinctive body by giving them a more toned, lifted, and sculpted appearance that flatters their natural contours. 

Aim of the Treatment:

The main purpose of the procedure is to accentuate the buttocks’ natural contours and give them a more lifted, toned, and sculpted appearance. The technique aims to sculpt a more proportional, balanced, and attractive shape by removing extra fat from other parts of the body and redistributing it to the buttocks.


The outcomes of the surgery are remarkable and go beyond just cosmetic improvements. Our individualized technique guarantees that each patient’s particular physical characteristics are taken into account to provide a raised, toned, and more sculpted appearance in the buttocks. The technique helps the buttocks reach their full potential by adding volume and a shape that seems natural.

French Butt Reshaping Clinic in Abu Dhabi French Butt Reshaping Clinic in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Best French Butt Reshaping Clinic in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Best French Butt Reshaping Clinic in Dubai French Butt Reshaping in Dubai

Ideal Candidate:

Those who want to acquire a more lifted, toned, and sculpted appearance of their buttocks and have extra fat in places like the belly, hips, flanks, or thighs are the best candidates for the procedure. However, because every person is unique, and because of this, our team of experts evaluates each candidate individually to determine whether they are a good candidate for the procedure. To develop a treatment plan that is specifically tailored to the patient and will satisfy their cosmetic objectives and expectations, we take into account variables such as skin elasticity, body form, and natural curves.

Pre Procedure:

Starting with the initial consultation and ending with post-operative care, our team of professionals will lead you through every step of the process. To develop a treatment strategy that is unique to you, we will assess your physical health and cosmetic objectives during the consultation. To make sure you are completely prepared for the surgery, we give extensive preparation instructions that include dietary adjustments and physical activity limits. 

How is the Surgery Done At the Esthetic Clinic?

The surgical team welcomes the patient as they go into the clinic for the French Butt Reshaping in Dubai & Abu Dhabi and asks them to change into a surgical gown. To make sure the patient is as relaxed as possible throughout the surgery, our team of professionals offers them individualized anesthesia or sedation.

Our talented surgeons precisely remove extra fat from the patient’s body using cutting-edge liposuction methods. This is done in places including the thighs, hips, flanks, and the abdomen. After being cleaned, the fat is kept in storage for subsequent use.

Following the fat’s purification, our surgeons start shaping the ideal derriere. They precisely position the pure fat injections on the buttocks to give them a lifted, sculpted, and toned appearance. To provide the most realistic results, our surgeons may employ cutting-edge methods like three-dimensional lipofilling or Brazilian butt lift.

Our doctors use surgical tape or sutures to properly seal any wounds when the treatment is finished. The patient is then kept under observation in a cutting-edge recovery room to make sure their vital signs don’t fluctuate.

The patient will leave the clinic with specific aftercare instructions after their progress has been assessed. 


Individuals will receive medicines to control discomfort and edema following the surgery. For a few weeks, they must wear a compression garment and refrain from particular activities like prolonged sitting or strenuous activity to guarantee appropriate recovery. To guarantee the greatest outcomes, our team of specialists will provide each patient with personalized aftercare recommendations, which may include dietary adjustments, physical therapy, and massage treatment. Additionally, our staff will arrange follow-up visits to keep tabs on the patient’s development and make sure their recovery is proceeding as planned. We collaborate closely with our patients to make sure that their rehabilitation is suited to their particular requirements and objectives.


  • The operation results in subtle and natural-looking outcomes, unlike other cosmetic treatments that could generate noticeable, artificial results.
  • Giving the lower back greater support can aid in the relief of physical discomfort such as back pain.
  • Additionally, the procedure can assist in balancing the body’s proportions, resulting in a more aesthetically pleasing and harmonious silhouette that can support better posture.
  • A patient’s self-esteem and confidence are significantly impacted by having a more lifted, toned, and shapely derriere, which has a favorable impact on all facets of their life.
  • Every patient receives a unique treatment strategy that is catered to their requirements and ensures the greatest outcomes.
  • It is a minimally invasive surgery that only calls for a small number of incisions, leading to a speedy recovery.


Our price is adjusted to take into account each person’s particular demands and objectives as well as the qualifications and location of our skilled surgeons. Although the cost of the procedure may vary, on average it may range from AED ___ to AED ___. To assist our patients in making knowledgeable choices and feeling good about their investment in their beauty and confidence, we provide thorough consultation and price information.

Why Choose Us?

At the Esthetic Clinic in Dubai, we think that selecting us for the surgery implies selecting an experience that includes more than simply the operation. Our team of specialists is committed to providing a specialized approach that places a high priority on patient care and empowerment. Our staff is devoted to ensuring that every patient feels at ease, in control, and educated throughout the whole procedure, from the initial consultation through post-operative care. We use innovative liposuction and fat transfer procedures for French Butt Reshaping in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah to provide results that are both long-lasting and natural-looking.

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