Hair Replacement in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah Non Surgical Replacement

Welcome to the Estetic Clinic, where we restore confidence in addition to hair! Losing your hair may be a frightening process that can harm your emotional and mental health. But don’t panic; our team of hair specialists is here to provide you with a variety of procedures that will not only help you restore a full head of hair but also raise your confidence and self-esteem. We recognize that each person’s experience with hair loss is distinctive, which is why we provide individualized Hair Replacement in Dubai & Abu Dhabi catered to your particular need. We have the equipment and knowledge to assist you in getting results that seem natural and are specifically for you, whether you choose surgical procedures or non-invasive alternatives.

Aim of Treatment:

The goal of the treatment is to improve the entire quality of life for people who have had hair loss, not merely to replace lost hair. The therapy seeks to not only restore a full head of hair but also make patients feel more confident and good about their looks and themselves by treating the emotional and psychological components of hair loss. The main objective is to raise the patient’s general health and quality of life.

Outcomes of Treatment:

The outcomes of hair replacement may be life-altering, giving patients newfound confidence as well as admiration. Along with restoring a full head of hair, it can also help those who have experienced the emotional and psychological effects of hair loss live better.


  • Patients may regain control over their appearance and self-image, increasing their self-assurance and self-esteem.
  • For people hoping to regrow their hair, the treatment may be a more affordable option than surgical methods.
  • Many methods don’t involve surgery or incisions, making them non-invasive. They are therefore a safer alternative for those who are not good surgical candidates.
  • For those who want to experiment with new haircuts or colors without harming their natural hair, it might be a chic alternative.
  • Many options, such as premium wigs or Scalp micro pigmentation, may endure for several years with the right care and maintenance, offering a durable and dependable treatment for hair loss.

Who Can Get the Treatment?

Anyone who wants to repair their hair and enhance their appearance and confidence can benefit from the therapy. The optimal treatment choice may depend on several variables, including the degree of hair loss and general health, but hair replacement therapy provides a variety of options that may be customized to each person’s specific requirements. The therapy can be a safe, effective, and life-changing option for those who are experiencing modest hair loss or total baldness and can make them feel more upbeat, self-assured, and in charge of their appearance.

Techniques We Use:

There are several different methods used by hair specialists to restore a person’s hair. Some of these are mentioned below:

Hair Piece:

The use of hairpieces as a non-surgical Hair Replacement in Dubai & Abu Dhabi is growing in popularity. These specially produced hair systems, which are often referred to as hair toupees, are constructed to match the client’s natural hair color, texture, and style to provide a seamless and realistic-looking appearance. Modern hair accessories are produced from premium components like real hair, synthetic fibers, or a mix of both. They may be readily removed for cleaning and maintenance and are fastened to the scalp using a variety of techniques, including clips, glue, or tape. For people who are not prepared for or interested in surgical hair restoration, hair pieces provide a flexible and economical alternative. They may also give those who have experienced hair loss a boost in confidence and self-esteem.

Hair Wigs:

These are made to cover all of the hair and come in a range of designs, hues, and textures to accommodate various tastes. Natural hair, synthetic materials, or a combination of both can be used to create wigs. Synthetic wigs are less expensive and require less upkeep than natural hair wigs, which are often more expensive but provide a more genuine look and feel. Wigs may be readily detached for cleaning and upkeep and can be fastened to the head using a variety of techniques, including clips, glue, or tape. It can be a terrific choice for people who are not prepared for or interested in surgical hair restoration since it can quickly and easily cover up bald or thinning parts of the scalp.

Scalp MicroPigmentation (SMP):

To provide the appearance of a tightly shaven head or a head of hair with more volume, small spots of color are applied to the scalp in this procedure. It can be used to hide scars, define the hairline, or thicken thinning hair. It is a safe and less invasive alternative for those who wish to restore their hairline without getting a transplant because it doesn’t entail a surgery or the usage of hair follicles as other hair restoration methods do. It can also be used with other hair restoration methods to improve the outcomes of both.

Meet Our Best Hair Replacement Surgeon:

Meet our Top Surgeons for Hair Replacement in Dubai! Each of our surgeons has more than 15 years of expertise in the area and is a board-certified expert in hair restoration. Their own experience has inspired them to aid those who are dealing with hair loss. We think that each person’s experience with hair loss is distinct and calls for a tailored strategy to provide the best outcomes. She has established a reputation as one of the greatest hair replacement surgeons in the field because of their dedication to remaining current with the most recent developments in hair restoration technology and procedures. Their patients gush about their ability to produce stunning, natural-looking results, and they are also renowned for providing sensitive and individualized care.

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