5 Ways to Fix Your Patchy Beard in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah Cost

A fuller-looking beard is considered a symbol of masculinity. But many people have naturally patchy beards. If you are one of those men who are suffering from a patchy beard then a beard hair transplant can be a good option for you. But if you do not want to undergo the surgical procedure then there are many ways by which you can fix your patchy beard. In this blog, we will discuss the 5 Ways to Fix Your Patchy Beard in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah. So keep reading to explore more about it.

How to Increase Beard Growth?

If you are afraid of growing your beard due to less growth of facial hair. Then do not worry, the following are some ways that will aid you in increasing your beard hair growth.

  • Give Your Beard Some Time to Grow:

The first step in fixing a patchy beard is to give it time to grow. The beard appears spotty and thin after just one month, many guys give up growing their beard. Yet, many men find that if they give their beards more time, they would eventually have enough growth to cover any patches or bald places. Some men’s beards take longer to grow than others, so it’s important to be patient and not give up on your beard too quickly. It may take several weeks or even months for your beard to fill in, but if you stick with it, you may end up with a full, healthy beard. You should embrace your beard and should not compare it with other men, because everyone has different hair growth. So be patient and your beard will grow in some time.

  • Do Exercise and Maintain Your Diet:

Doing exercise will help to increase the testosterone level in the body. Testosterone is the natural hormone that helps in improving the masculinity traits such as the growth of facial hair. Make sure you maintain your diet as well as try taking a diet full of proteins, vitamins, and minerals which will maximize hair growth. Use supplements like vitamins B, C, D, iron, and zinc as these will help in healthy beard growth. Biotin supplements are also available in the market which has the capability of growing hair at a faster rate.

  • Brush your Beard:

Brushing your beard hair can help improve the appearance of your beard and will improve its growth. Brushing your beard regularly can help distribute the natural oils from your skin throughout your beard, which can make it look fuller and healthier. Use a brush with firm bristles, such as a boar bristle brush, to help detangle your beard and distribute oils. Aim to brush your beard at least once a day to keep it looking neat. Brush your beard in the direction that it grows, starting at the neck and working your way up toward your chin.

Don’t apply too much pressure when brushing your beard, as this can damage the hair follicles and lead to breakage. Instead, use gentle, sweeping motions to detangle and shape your beard. If you follow this routine for a few months then you will see improvement in hair growth.

  • Use Minoxidil for Hair Growth:

Minoxidil is effective in promoting beard growth in some men. Minoxidil is a topical medication that was originally developed to treat high blood pressure, but it was later found to have hair growth-promoting properties. When applied to the scalp, minoxidil has been shown to increase blood flow to hair follicles, which can help stimulate hair growth. If you’re considering using minoxidil for beard growth, be sure to do your research and talk to a doctor to determine if it’s right for you. They can help you weigh the potential benefits and risks and develop a personalized treatment plan.

  • Beard Hair Transplant:

Beard transplant surgery is a viable option for men who want a permanent solution to their patchy beard, it’s important to keep in mind that it is a surgical procedure and comes with potential risks and side effects. During the procedure, hair follicles are typically taken from the back of the scalp and transplanted to the patchy areas of the beard using a technique called follicular unit extraction (FUE). This involves removing individual hair follicles and transplanting them one at a time to ensure a natural-looking result.

If you want to get a beard transplant surgery, it’s important to do your research and talk to a qualified and experienced surgeon to determine if it’s the right option for you. They can help you understand the potential risks and benefits of the procedure and develop a personalized treatment plan.


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Final Thoughts!

If you are struggling with a patchy beard then you can opt for a beard hair transplant or can follow the above tips for growing your beard hair. For getting the best transplant surgery make sure to choose the best Clinic. It is one of the best clinics that have the best surgeons, they focus on providing the best results to the patients. After reading about the 5 Ways to Fix your Patchy Beard in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah if you have any query then you can contact our team.